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He pointed out that each member of a team brings their own strengths and that everyone on team has a unique role to play based on those strengths .
Among the session ’ s other key takeaways were :
• Companies that align their values with their customers ’ have a competitive advantage
• When you and your employees share values , they are more likely to stay
• Engage , listen and adapt to people
• If you want to retain more people go for the heart
• Great leaders engage people . Engaged people stick around
• Leaders that people like bring people together
• Trust is the foundation of all relationships – with customers and with employees
• Loyalty with employees starts with trust in their leaders and then moves to likeability
• Developing everyone as leaders helps companies do better
• We don ’ t survive and thrive with complacency .
Final Mile Leaders Share Their Secrets
The conference ’ s first workshop session was titled “ Final Mile 360 : A C-Suite Open Mic .” It featured a candid discussion with five executives from the tech sector , the shipping sector , and the delivery sector :
• Timothy L . Kravitz , CEO / CTO , Logistics Technology HQ
• Lufthansia Lomax , Vice President , Inpax Shipping Solutions
• Steven Miller , CFO , Pace Runners , Inc .
• Leigh Ann Schneider , Vice President of Sales Success , Openforce
• Millie Tarallo , Chief Revenue Officer , Dropoff , Inc .
This free-wheeling discussion covered a variety of topics including :
• Whether final-mile carriers were undervaluing their services and not being adequately compensated for their contributions to the supply chain
• The challenges of getting and keeping good drivers
• Whether the labor market will loosen up in the next 18 to 24 months
• How to establish and reinforce standards of professionalism for remote workers
• The impact of inflation
• The future of remote and hybrid work
• How to manage remote workers
• Adapting to the expectations of a younger workforce
• New strategies for protecting businesses from cyber and ransomware attacks
• The use of employee share ownership plans to retain top talent
• Ways to initiate difficult conversations with customers about needed rate increases
• Competing against carriers that low-ball prices just to get the business
• Coping with rising fuel charges
• Mitigating risk and coping with rising insurance rates
• Driving efficiencies and lowering costs .


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