Fall Magazine - Page 5

President ’ s Message

Get a head start on your 2023 planning with some of the tools in this issue . You ’ ll find out how to set the table for next year with your people , your technology and your impact on the environment .
We ’ ve assembled the resources to help you grow your business and attract the people you need to make your customers happy . Check out these articles for some of the factors you ’ ll want to consider as you plan for a successful 2023 :
• People-Powered Trends for 2023 on page 14
• Four Tech Trends That Will Impact Last-Mile in 2023 on page 20
• Trends That Will Impact M & A Activity in the Last-Mile Space in 2023 on page 26
• 2022 Legal Trends That Will Continue into 2023 on page 46
There ’ s also an overview of our highly successful Final Mile Forum in Miami on page 54 , complete with a photo collage on page 64 that showcases some of the excitement of this event . You ’ ll also get a chance to recapture the exhilaration we all felt with the awarding of our 2022 Hall of Fame honors on industry veteran John Benko . Check out the story of his journey on page 72 . If you were at the 2022 FMF , we hope these pages evoke some of the energy from those three days . If you couldn ’ t make it , you ’ ll get a sample of what these conferences deliver to whet your appetite for our 2023 Final Mile Forum in New Orleans in February 2023 .
And now , let me give a shameless plug for our next event , the 2022 Executive Leadership Summit on October 6 . The theme is “ Pathway to Prosperity in Extraordinary Times .” There ’ s still time to sign up your company ’ s leaders and up-and-coming leaders for this annual on-line , skill-building workshop .
This is the last time I ’ ll have a few moments with you before we ’ re up to our necks in Holiday Peak ( and , by the way , there ’ s a story on page 50 to help you plan for it ). Let ’ s take a few moments before the craziness begins to remind ourselves of the key role each and every one of us plays in delivering what people need and want every day of the year .
Let ’ s Do This , Jason G . Burns , Sr . President fall 2022 customized logistics & delivery Magazine 5