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Staying True to Core Competencies
Moyer concedes that handling cross-border delivery is not for everyone . But our members can get involved in the first , middle and final-mile movements , and he ’ d like to see CLDA members considering how this may fit into their business plan . “ Most in our association haven ’ t been involved in the international supply chain so jumping into it may not be comfortable at first ,” he says . “ What I ’ m suggesting is to stay true to your core competencies , while keeping an open mind relating to the international marketplace and all trends . That way , when some of these opportunities match up with your competencies , you will be better positioned to evaluate and take advantage of the right opportunities .”
It ’ s all about cultivating a reputation in your market and staying relevant . “ Leaning into your core competencies and becoming recognized in your geographic area opens the door for opportunities that come your way . If you are recognized as the quality provider in your area , you ’ re going to get contacted about new opportunities . Even though we ’ re talking global markets , it ’ s a pretty small world . Everyone in the logistics business is somehow connected . So , if you ’ re the best carrier in whatever state or region you ’ re in , companies needing to enhance their supply chain are going to know who you are ,” he says .
Be The Best Choice
How does any CLDA member build a reputation strong enough to attract the international business ? Moyer offers this advice :
• Be the best choice , by being the best option .
• Understand the trends and align your strategic plans with them . Don ’ t be the next Blockbuster . Adjust .
• Build a quality-oriented culture .
• Position your company to scale and take advantage of growth opportunities .
• Invest in the right team and technology that allows you to be the most efficient , competitive , and innovative .
• Understand your customer base and how disruptions impacted them . Be a problem solver .
• Review your core competencies . Maximize your strengths and focus on competitive advantages .
• Market your company ’ s strengths , successes and let the market know you ’ re the obvious choice .
An Opportunity for the Taking
The expected growth in the supply chain of tomorrow will present openings for the right companies ; ones Moyer says that should be seizing those opportunities right now . “ These prospects will enhance their sales pipeline and will be exciting for companies that are strategically positioned for growth . Ones that are sustainable , scalable , and the market leaders in their geographic footprints ,” he says . “ Those are the forward-thinking companies that invest in technology and have enough scalable resources to be able to flex to the right opportunities . “
He urges CLDA members to be open-minded and not dismiss the idea of emerging trends . “ When it comes to global markets they are here to stay ,” he concludes . “ I urge members to consider how they may capture market share . Those who get in now have the opportunity for real growth as more and more shippers look for effective ways to build their supply chains in and out of the US . It ’ s a great way for them to make the most of the expanding global economy .” CLDA
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