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CLDA Mag : Talk about the importance of these issues to shippers .
STOCKMAN : A recent headline on the website Freightways . com gives us a peak at the importance of this issue : “ Pepsi recognizes Schneider ’ s sustainability efforts .” Schneider is a truckload company with stated goals to reduce permile CO2 emissions by 60 % and to “ reach carbon neutrality for company-owned facilities by 2035 .” PepsiCo has a goal to get to net-zero emissions by 2040 . So , of course , Pepsi is going to choose partners who will help them get there .
It ’ s no different for any major company using final-mile providers . Public companies need to satisfy their shareholders that they are making changes towards a more sustainable future or risk being accused of “ greenwashing ” ( i . e ., marketing themselves as environmentally conscious but not making real sustainability efforts ).
Ecommerce companies need to convince consumers that they are taking measurable steps to address their emissions . The 2022 Retail and Sustainability Survey from global business applications firm CGS found that nearly half of respondents ( 42 %) indicated they prefer sustainability over expedited shipping . Respondents said they would choose to wait longer to receive goods from online suppliers if they were delivered more sustainably .
CLDA Mag : What changes will be most important for lastmile providers to make when it comes to these issues ?
STOCKMAN : The low-hanging fruit for change are improved routing efficiencies and the use of lower carbon vehicles like hybrids and electric vehicles . Routing and dispatch software can also play a major role in tightening efficiencies .
But there are plenty of other sustainability issues to work on . Consider installing LED lighting in your facilities and pairing that with motion sensors and timers so lights only shine when needed . Ask your utility company about clean energy sources for your electricity . Almost every major utility company has teamed up with a renewable energy provider .
CLDA Mag : Why will these issues have increased importance in 2023 ?
STOCKMAN : Because the generations that are about to be the decision makers – Millennials and Gen Zers - value sustainability . Most Millennials ( 59 %) and Gen Zers ( 60 %) support a national / global law mandating sustainable practices ( contrast that with only 37 % of Baby Boomers who support such a law ). As the buying power of these younger consumers increases ( and the Baby Boomer buyer power wanes ) you can expect sustainability to play a larger role in purchasing decisions . In addition , as companies struggle to find employees and contractors , they can expect these younger workers to check companies ’ sustainability track records .
CLDA Mag : What advice do you have for couriers who are unconvinced about importance of sustainability issues in their day-to-day business practices today ?
STOCKMAN : If you don ’ t believe that sustainability matters , ask your customers . Ask your employees . Ask your kids , neighbors , or others in the community . Do you really want anyone in these groups to see your company as part of the problem or part of the solution ?
I think you ’ ll find that sustainability is taking many forms in the businesses you frequent . Restaurants are curbing food waste by composting . Many are switching away from plastic single-use takeout containers to either reusables or compostables . Try finding a used electric car or even a hybrid . The demand is strong . Community gardens are springing up . Contractors are switching to more sustainable
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