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A Growing Need for Dog and Handler Teams
cargo pallets . To meet the current standards with traditional methods , would take anywhere from two days to three weeks ,” he says . “ Dogs can get that done in about 80 minutes .”
In 2023 , the need for trained handler and dog teams for air cargo security will escalate . The TSA will begin strict enforcement of the screening requirements just as the amount of cargo coming in and out of airports grows . “ The federal government estimated that somewhere around 1500 to 3000 teams will be needed for its 3PK9 program ,” says Brawner . A team is a dog and a handler . “ There are training standards that have been set forward by the federal government for those teams . Handlers and dogs will have to be trained to meet the program ’ s standards . Right now , there are only about 800 teams that do ,” Brawner says .
He also points out that not all dogs are well-suited for this work . “ There are different temperaments , different speeds and different drives in dogs that must match the work and the handler ,” he points out . “ In the cargo environment , you need a hard-drive dog . That ’ s because these dogs work many hours a day , nonstop . High-drive means they will continue to sniff for long periods of time . These dogs must have what we call a ‘ high ball drive ’ which keeps them going in a working environment like air cargo security . A dog with a high ball drive will do anything for a ball and never quit . When they are working in warehouses or on the apron of a runway where it ’ s very hot . Or they might be working on the ramp side where they ’ re out in direct sunlight on asphalt or concrete . That ’ s when you need a dog that isn ’ t easily distracted ; a dog that will do all that for the sake of a ball . Then you need to find the right handler who matches the dog and the work and train the team to meet the standards .”
Cargo is expected to continue to bolster the airline industry ’ s recovery from the impact of COVID . Many , including the International Air Transport Association ( IATA ), expect a rise in the amount of cargo transported in 2022 and beyond . Given those expectations , coupled with the TSA stricter enforcement of security standards , Brawner predicts an increase in the use of security canines for many years to come . “ My expectation is that the need for these specialized teams of dogs and handlers will skyrocket in 2023 and beyond ,” he concludes . CLDA
While ETDs and X-rays are necessary tools but in conjunction with canines . Because canines have brains , they end up being more efficient in screening large volumes of cargo .”
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