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et noses and four paws will be what air cargo security looks like in 2023 . At least that ’ s what Ron Brawner Founder of Brawner Group K-9 Services predicts .
Brawner was part of the Air Cargo Security panel at the Final Mile Forum where he discussed the increasing use of security dogs to screen air cargo . He ’ s been involved in the use of canines for security purposes for 17 years , including a stint at the TSA where he developed the standards for the agency ’ s Third Party K9 ( 3PK9 ) Program for the use of canines in aviation security .
Today , his company develops canines for the use of aviation security , military , police , security companies , even the detection of lithium batteries . He also consults with companies that want to start their own in-house canine security operation specifically for 3PK9 and aviation security compliance auditing .
Brawner expects to see an increasing use of canines in air cargo as a way to screen large quantities of cargo effectively , efficiently while meeting the TSA ’ s increasingly stringent standards .
In late 2018 , the TSA rolled out their 3PK9 Program , which allows the air cargo industry to utilize third-party Explosive Detection Canines as an approved screening option . This Federal security mandate requires explosive screening for 100 % of cargo shipped on passenger and all-cargo aircraft .
“ Because the TSA now requires that 100 % of air cargo be screened there aren ’ t a lot of resources out there that can handle that kind of volume ,” says Brawner . “ The regulations require that a physical screening of all cargo . How do you screen the substantial amount of cargo that is coming out of the United States and going to other countries ? You need a mass screening tool , something that goes beyond a mechanical search . Because canines are thinking , functional animals with the ability to utilize their brains , that have that ability . Using them is like putting a supercomputer on the case . Because of their ability to differentiate between odors , canines have the capability to screen a massive amount of cargo at a very efficient rate . And it tends to be more effective when the dog and handler are trained correctly . Methods like ETD ( explosives trace detectors ) and X- rays have a different purpose . They ’ re not meant to handle a mass movement of cargo . They are good at screening individual selected or suspicious items . While ETDs and X-rays are necessary tools but in conjunction with canines . Because canines have brains , they end up being more efficient in screening large volumes of cargo .”
He pointed to examples of government metrics that compared warehouse screening done the traditional way with the use of canines . “ Let ’ s say you have a 10,000 square foot building filled with
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