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Hornung-Scherr : Build the fortress . Diversify your business . Reduce the cyclicality of your business . Address customer concentration if too high . Improve your safety . Strengthen your management team . Put reasonable amounts of insurance in place . Try to avoid lengthening trade cycle too much given impact on maintenance . Review your material contracts for indemnification , insurance , change in control , business terms that align with projections , and consistency with laws .
CLDA Mag : How will values and acquisitions evolve in 2023 ?
Berg : The M & A market will react to the global economic uncertainty , rising interest rates and inflation , and we will see deal terms , not necessarily transaction volume , adjust accordingly .
Hornung-Scherr : In 2023 , M & A activity will continue to be above historical levels in the space , but perhaps not quite as robust as 2022 in the full T & L market . Trailing earnings may level off with softening of spot markets and transaction multiples may move off historic highs . F-reorgs and 338 ( h )( 10 ) elections will likely continue in many transactions , especially last-mile and other asset-based or asset-light businesses .
Tenney : The deal volume will likely be record-setting in 2023 . However , we may see fewer large , transformational-type transactions given the sensitivity to rising interest rates and the overall economic outlook . CLDA
What are your thoughts about the M & A environment in 2023 ? Share them by clicking here and we ’ ll send you a report about the trends your fellow CLDA members expect to help you plan for 2023 and beyond . All responses will be anonymous and used for research only .

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