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driving retailers to innovate , and , as a result , upon to support this new demand .

Over time these learnings can bring down operational costs significantly for customers . As carriers start seeing more benefits from the modern systems , they will be pressured to take advantage of machine learning in order to stay competitive .
How can shippers and carriers leverage these trends to get ahead ?
We at Beans . ai are increasingly seeing that retailers and shippers are starting to build complex evaluation scorecards to rank their carriers . Failures and delays are costing shippers more now as they are losing customers faster now if the delivery doesn ’ t meet their expectations .
For shippers : this means :
• Re-evaluate your address data vendors .
• Improve your checkout flow and incorporate robust address autocomplete and validation before the order is placed
• Leverage newer Address Data Index that are available which allow you to calculate better shipping rates and ETAs
• Ask your carriers about the routing software they are using . A good routing software can help your carrier reduce failed deliveries by 25 %. Your carrier may still be beholden to archaic software which could be hurting your brand .
For carriers this means :
• Start investing time in AI powered routing and dispatch
• Look into AI powered software which can further help you build your own location data . It can cut down driver training by over 50 %
• Re-evaluate your software vendors . It might be time to pull the plug if you have been asking for the same critical features for more than 18 months . CLDA
Akash Agarwal is Co-Founder & Chief Business Officer , at Beans . ai . Beans . ai maps apartments , dorms , hospitals , senior living facilities , affordable housing , vineyards and correction facilities to enable logistics , telecom , insurance and public safety partners to harness accurate geographical data for such high population density areas . For more information , go to beans . ai .
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