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dvances in cloud computing and machine learning have made it affordable to run complex computations that were , a few years back , either impossible or too costly to run . For example , optimizing a route with 100 stops requires solving a 100 x 100 matrix . Resources required to run that 100 x 100 matrix four years ago can now be used to solve a 300 x 300 matrix , which is nine times more complicated . As these advances penetrate the industry , we will see an array of trends that will advance the last-mile industry .
New trends impact an industry when there are significant pains being faced and compelling gains to be had . Last-mile is ripe with both in its current state . Customer ’ s preference for same-day delivery is driving retailers to innovate , and , as a result , last-mile carriers are being called upon to support this new demand . But the old , legacy systems that the carriers are using were never designed to support this growth in demand while remaining profitable .
Here are a four trends we expect to take over the last-mile industry in 2023 :
Trend # 1 : Carriers will move towards autonomous dispatch .
Trend # 2 : Precise maps with geocoded information about parking , access , and exact location data will become critical .
Trend # 3 :
Trend # 4 :
Customers will move to retailers who can provide them with better delivery ETAs
Software systems that leverage AI to improve every day and help users build their own data will replace static software systems .
Let ’ s dive deeper :


1Carriers will move to autonomous dispatching : Uber , Doordash and Amazon , have led a significant shift of consumer behavior towards same-day delivery . Eighty percent of shoppers want same- day delivery . Try to imagine a company like Uber hiring thousands of dispatchers to dispatch every ride or UberEats order . Not scalable , right ? Autonomous dispatch is here to stay . The best way to think about it as a carrier is that it will help you reduce your dispatching costs by reducing your dispatch teams . It will make your best dispatchers even more efficient , and help you manage with about 75 % fewer dispatchers .

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