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2 . Workweek scheduling – Like the others in this discussion , I see this as a critical issue in 2023 . I have no doubt there will be continued pressure to change what was the typical workweek . Flexible workdays and shortened workweeks will be highlighted in job ads to attract talent . People are looking for increased home time . In addition , the desire for part-time employment will likely increase because many households will need to find extra income to keep pace with inflationary costs
3 . Nomadic employees and the quest for simplicity – The desire for simplicity tops the goal for the nomadic employee . Some may argue this is part of a utopian dream , but people are searching for simplicity in their daily work life , and they will move on from a job rather quickly if it doesn ’ t make them happy . A happy work environment is part of being a happy person at home . The employee who sees work as adversely affecting quality recreational time will move on in search of another job .
CLDA Mag : What trends do you see receding in 2023 ?
Marks :
The pandemic will diminish and the safety and the workplace issues around it will as well .
Punwani :
Despite the emphasis on developing new ways of working , I expect that some companies will shift back to some form of in-office time . In 2023 there will be some businesses that , at the very least , will need to go to a hybrid model . In these situations , working without ever coming into the office or being hours away may not work .
I also expect to see a decline in the number of employees changing jobs . Last year numerous people started new jobs . Many are still getting established in those jobs . They are still in the Honeymoon Phase and will be hesitant to take on new opportunities .
Le :
Today ’ s employees have simply shifted the work agreement . Right now , they have the advantage due to the high demand for workers . Things will begin to shift in 2023 . Employers will be need to seriously scrutinize the quality of their services . Did they put the right people in roles in their haste to fill positions ? They will put a premium on staff who are able to deliver great service .
CLDA Mag : What should those in our industry change or update when it comes to making the most of their people within the next 12 months ?
Marks :
Revisit mental health benefits . Change work-from-home / PTO policies . Keep an eye on 1099 contracts . Address your retirement plans . These are all critical benefits that employees are looking for and in this tight labor market these may make the difference between hiring or losing a great worker .
Punwani :
There needs to be a focus on interpersonal skills and defining your culture . Now , more than ever , effective communication and transparency is what you ’ ll need to keep your people engaged . Take the extra time to communicate to team members on where they stand and where they can go in your company .

Provide your team with a rewarding and worthwhile endeavor and you will thrive .

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