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e put these and many more questions to three experts , each with a unique perspective on the people power it will take to put a great team in place in 2023 .
Here ’ s who they are and what they told us :
Gene Marks is a columnist , speaker , and president of The Marks Group PC . He presented one of the most popular sessions at CLDA ’ s recent Final Mile Forum .
Pete Punwani is Practice Director at Global Executive Solutions Group , which provides executive recruiting for transportation , logistics and supply chain companies .
Loi Le is a Client Solutions Manager at the Kelly Anderson Group , a transportation consulting company that provides recruiting , retention , e-Learning , and safety-related solutions .
All expect our industry to grow in 2023 and each had his own perspective on getting and keeping the people who will make that happen next year .
CLDA Mag : What are the three biggest trends involved in the human capital part of the logistics industry that we will see in 2023 ?
Marks :
1 . Changes in independent contractor rules - These
rules are under review now by DOL . Changes in them will have a major impact on the transportation and logistics industry .
2 . Interest in flexible scheduling – Employees will continue to look for options to work from home , work a four-day work week and have unlimited paid time off . Companies looking to attract top talent will need to look for ways to incorporate some or all of these options .
3 . Awareness of mental health issues – The impact of mental health issues is something management needs to be aware of , especially when it comes to younger workers .
Punwani :
1 . Talent shortages – The shortage of top talent in 2022 will continue . Finding that true ‘ A Player ,’ especially in final-mile , will continue to be a challenge . These are the type of people that drive in revenue at a higher rate , optimize costs in ways no one thought possible , and maximize profitability that allows every employee to win .
2 . Flexibility – Like Gene , I see this as a major issue that will continue to have an impact in 2023 . Employees will continue to look for positions where they can work from home or take personal time when they need it . In this human capital market , you must look at situations differently than you have in the past . At first , solutions may be different than what ’ s been comfortable for management in the past . For example , focusing more on production than on hours worked when evaluating team members
3 . Defining career paths – This will be especially important for retaining ‘ A Players .’ These top team members need to see five- and 10-year plans if you want to keep them .
Le :
1 . Housing provisions – These may very well be the new incentive to get and keep good team members . Rising housing costs are becoming an immense struggle for families . Even two-income families are finding it challenging to see a pathway to homeownership . For many , renting is difficult as well . Milton Hershey realized the need to provide quality housing and other benefits for his employees in the 1900s . His efforts developed a significant workforce and helped build his company . This idea may come back in style to attract the workers you need in 2023 .
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