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stage for more than a month . This means that the rule was not earmarked for fast-tracking and OMB ’ s Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs ( OIRA ) has indicated that the rule is “ economically significant .” OIRA will label a piece of regulation as “ economically significant ” if they determine that it is likely to have an annual effect on the economy of $ 100 million or more , or seriously harm the economy , a sector of the economy , productivity , competition , jobs , the environment , public health , or safety . When OIRA receives for review an “ economically significant ” regulation , the agency which wrote the regulation has to provide ( among other things ) a more detailed assessment of the likely benefits and costs of the regulatory action , including quantifiable data about what those effects will be , as well as a similar analysis of potentially effective and reasonably feasible alternatives .
All this means that we know DOL ’ s new rule will be a big one , and we know it will probably have serious impacts on our sector and others that rely on the independent contractor . We also know it will require longer review , and hopefully a longer comment period so that CLDA and other stakeholders can review and comment on the proposed regulation . CLDA will put out the best possible effort to advocate for our industry and what we kno : that most independent contractor drivers prefer the lifestyle of an IC to that of an employee , and that independent and flexible work arrangements are a valuable part of the modern American economy . CLDA
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As always , your Government Affairs Staff will keep you informed and will continue to fight against all threats to the industry . In light of coming regulatory actions by the Department of Labor , we believe that now is a critical time for CLDA ’ s efforts in this space . We hope more of you will come forward to support our efforts , and we deeply appreciate those of you who already given so much to make a difference .
If you are interested in getting more involved by giving us some of your time , please contact us . If you are interested in supporting our efforts financially , then consider donating to the CLDA Advocacy Fund . The fund supports all CLDA ’ s advocacy and government affairs efforts entirely through donations from members .
We have some members who give a regular monthly donation , and some who prefer to give once a year or on a quarterly basis . Any amount helps our efforts . Our largest donors support the Advocacy Fund to the tune of a few thousand dollars a month , but probably the most common contribution is a recurring monthly $ 100 donation made automatically by credit card . Many of our most dedicated CLDA volunteers count themselves in this “ monthly $ 100 club ” and their donations do really help us to keep doing what we are doing every month .
If you want to give a single donation , you can do so here . Our system is set up to take one-time contributions from $ 25- $ 2000 through that portal . If you would prefer to set up a recurring monthly donation , we can set you up as a recurring credit card donor if you would like . Thanks again , and please contact us anytime with questions or to get more engaged .
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