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Very few of the world ’ s 85,000 + chemicals have been tested for their impact on human health . Over 200 chemicals have been found in the cord blood of newborns , and typical adults have more than 700 manmade chemicals in their bodies . It all adds up to something called Body Burden , which isn ’ t good . That ’ s
DEDICATED TO SUSTAINABILITY Our quality products help save the earth and your budget by reducing plastic and single-use paper towels , wipes , dryer sheets and more . Plus , many of our microfiber products contain recycled microfiber yarn . And now more of our household products come in cardboard or OceanBound Plastic , helping to reclaim plastic headed for the sea . why Norwex ® offers proven microfiber , household and personal care solutions that work to keep harmful chemicals out of your home and off your body .
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See page 27 for details and scan the QR code to see our new Bright & White Booster in action . new Eco-Wash Laundry Detergent Strips page 26 new Bright & White Laundry + Home Booster with Oxygen & Enzymes page 27
See page 26 for details and scan the QR code to see our new Laundry Strips in action .