Fall 2021 US Catalog | Page 28

Porcelain Sink Organizer Perfect for kitchens , bathrooms , craft areas and more , this beautiful porcelain organizer keeps sinks and countertops throughout the house tidy and organized . The notched tray holds sponges , bottles and other items , while the silicone-sleeved brush cup is perfect for a toothbrush or Bottle Brush . Use the handy stainless steel rack to dry your Kitchen Cloth or Counter Cloth .
Size : 22.5 cm x 10 cm x 18 cm / 8.7 " x 3.9 " x 7 " 358080 $ 43.99
why foaming hand wash
Free of synthetic dyes , fragrances and preservatives that can dry your skin , our Foaming Hand Wash leaves your hands clean , soft and smooth . See page 59 for details . my Norwex ® journey
My product story : I love that the Porcelain Sink Organizer is both functional and it looks great on my kitchen counter . I can keep my Dishwashing Liquid , Forever Bottle with Foaming Hand Wash Dispenser and a Spirinett within reach when I am doing dishes .
What Norwex means to me : Since joining Norwex , I ’ ve been amazed at how much faster I can clean my home and how much simpler my cleaning routine is . I ’ ve seen a lot of personal growth in myself and my Team , I ’ m much more confident and I love that I ’ m able to help others create a Safe Haven , too !
Trisha Fraase , Senior Executive Sales Leader , ND Creating Safe Havens for 3 years