Fall 2020 Brochure - Page 8

THE PARKS FOUNDATION OF HIGHLAND PARK The Parks Foundation of Highland Park is dedicated to the belief that every resident of our community deserves the opportunity for an enriched, healthy lifestyle. The Foundation raises funds to support and enhance exceptional Park District projects and provide scholarship funding to ensure that all community members are able to participate in Park District programs. Parks Foundation scholarship programs are designed to provide everyone in our community access to a wide variety of Park District offerings. We target the needs of our residents to bring the community together and ensure that no one is left behind. For more information about the Parks Foundation, click here. SMILE For all to play The SMILE (Scholarships Mean Involvement in Leisure for Everyone) Grant-in-Aid Program gives families in need of financial assistance the opportunity to participate in Park District programs. Founded in 1992, SMILE has provided thousands of Highland Park residents facing economic difficulty with access to classes, camps, sports leagues, fitness activities, lessons, and events that promote healthy lifestyles. The Parks Foundation raises SMILE funds that allow our Park District to extend benefits to all residents in need. We “Give a SMILE” for all to play! To learn how to apply for a SMILE grant, click here To donate to SMILE, click here FYI Foundation Youth Initiative (FYI) was established in 2019 to expand our reach to Highwood children who rely on the Park District of Highland Park for enrichment activities. Learn to Swim, our inaugural FYI program, was launched to fund free introductory swim lessons for low-income families and now serves dozens of kids annually. Additional offerings will include a variety of athletic, developmental, and skill-based classes for local youngsters in need. The Foundation partners with the Nuestro Center and the Highland Park Community Foundation in funding and administering FYI. To donate to FYI, click here YOUTH GOLF Strong character, strategic thinking, friendship, and a passion for the outdoors are some of the traits attributed to the game of golf. We proudly support youth golf for residents of all economic means. The Foundation is the primary force behind Sunset Valley Golf Course’s new Youth Golf Development and Short Game Center where young golfers will be able to learn putting and chipping. Through the Michael Goldman Memorial Scholarship Fund, we offer golf lesson scholarships for youth facing social, emotional, or economic challenges. We welcome the community to join us in Playing it Forward for Youth Golf. To apply for or learn more about Youth Golf Scholarships, click here Services to Residents with Disabilities Park District of Highland Park is a partner with Northern Suburban Special Recreation Association (NSSRA). Formed in 1970, NSSRA is an extension of ten park districts, two cities and one village in the northern suburbs of Chicago and provides and facilitates year-round recreation programs and services for children, teens and adults with disabilities. NSSRA offers recreation, sport, cultural, social programs and events available throughout the year, creating new experiences, opportunities for skill development, leisure time, and perhaps most importantly, friendship. NSSRA has been creating an environment of belonging through play since 1970, and has the distinction of being the first Special Recreation Association in the country. We believe that everyone should have the chance to try something new. This means you have the opportunity to participate in any one of NSSRA’s over 500 annual programs, or that you have the opportunity to participate in one of Park District of Highland Park’s programs with the assistance of an NSSRA Inclusion companion. Inclusion Services Park District program Inclusion Services are available to residents with special needs at no additional cost to the family. Inclusion services may include, when necessary, staff training, program modifications/adaptations, modified equipment and program observations. Reasons to Request Inclusion Services • A parent or family member recognizes that a participant would benefit from additional support in a Park District program • Park District staff identifies a need for additional support, for safety and programmatic reasons, and communicates this need to the family Requesting Inclusion Services When registering for a Park District of Highland Park program for the first time: • Mark the accommodation section of the registration form to indicate that the participant will require assistance from NSSRA • Once your registration form is submitted, the Park District will contact you to discuss the type of Inclusion support needed for the participant • The Park District will provide NSSRA with an Inclusion request that contains both program and participant information • You will be contacted by NSSRA to discuss the needs of the participant and get input on the type of support required • NSSRA will work with the park district to put the necessary Inclusion accommodations in place for participation in the desired program(s) • Communication between you, NSSRA, Park District staff continues throughout the Inclusion process For more information, regarding Park District Inclusion Services contact: Natalie Liang, 847.579.3131, or nliang@pdhp.org. Meggan Davies, Recreation Manager for Inclusion, NSSRA 847.509.9400 x6828 • mdavies@nssra.org For more information about Northern Suburban Special Recreation Association (NSSRA) go to nssra.org 3105 MacArthur Blvd. • Northbrook, IL 60062 • 847.509.9400 Fall 2020 • Park District of Highland Park 7 SPECIAL COMMUNITY SERVICES