Fall 2020 Brochure - Page 42

Adult Tennis Programs Location: Indoor at Deer Creek Racquet Club Registration for Fall 1 & 2 begin on the same date. If you would like to continue throughout the indoor season, make sure to sign up for Fall 1 & 2 at the same time! Start ReStart An entry-level USTA program for adult beginners who are not members, or have not been a part of a Deer Creek Tennis program. 4002401-A M Noon-1pm $204/218/239 4002401-B Tu Noon-1pm $204/218/239 1.0-1.5 Drill and Play 4002401-C W Noon-1pm $204/218/239 4002401-D Sa 11am-Noon $178/191/209 2.0 Drill & Play 4002402-A M 10-11:30am $300/328/360 4002402-B Th 1-2:30pm $263/287/314 2.5 Drill & Play 4002452-A Tu 7:30-9pm $300/328/360 4002452-B W 10:30am-Noon $300/328/360 4002452-C F 1-2:30pm $263/287/314 3.0 Drill & Play 4002403-A M 1-2pm $204/218/239 4002403-B Tu 10:30am-Noon $300/328/360 4002403-C Tu 1-2:30pm $300/328/360 4002403-D W 9-10:30am $300/328/360 4002403-E Th 10:30am-Noon $263/287/314 4002403-F F 9-10:30am $263/287/314 3.5 Drill & Play 4002453-A M 1-2:30pm $300/328/360 4002453-B M 7:30-9pm $300/328/360 4002453-C W 9-10:30am $300/328/360 4002453-D W 1-2:30pm $300/328/360 4002453-E F 9-10:30am $263/287/314 4002453-F Sa 8-9am $178/191/209 4.0 Drill & Play 4002404-A Tu 9-10:30am $300/328/360 4002404-B W 7-8:30pm $300/328/360 4.5 Drill & Play 4002454-A Th 7-8:30pm $263/287/314 Fall 2 Session | Oct 5-Nov 25 Cardio Tennis Class | All Levels This one-hour high energy fitness program combines the best of tennis with cardiovascular exercise, delivering the ultimate, full body, calorie burning aerobic workout. All participants must be able to adequately perform all drills in order to participate. Pre-registration is required. Oct 5-Nov 25 | Deer Creek Racquet Club Min: 4 / Max: 6 4002482-A M Noon-1pm $104/120/128 4002482-B Tu Noon-1pm $104/120/128 4002482-C W Noon-1pm $104/120/128 4002482-D Sa 7-8am $91/105/119 Senior Doubles [Seniors -Over 65] | Level 2.5 & Up Previously known as Senior Drop-In; come join us outside for senior doubles! Pre-registration is required. Oct 5 -Nov 25 | Deer Creek Racquet Club Min: 6/Max: 10 4002437-A M 11:30am-1pm $104/120/136 4002437-B W 11:30am-1pm $104/120/136 4002437-C F 2-3:30pm $91/105/112 ADULT TENNIS LEAGUES Women’s Travel Teams Put your skills to the test! Join our travel team as we compete against other clubs. You will be expected to travel. Ladies who practice together in a drill will receive playing priority. Must be in a class and approved by Head Pro. Oct 5-Nov 25 | Deer Creek Racquet Club “A/B” Travel Team Drill 4002450-B Tu 10:30am-Noon $300/328/360 “B” Play-In Doubles Min: 4/Max: 10 4002450-C W 1-2:30pm $160/176/192 PICKLEBALL Pickleball Drill Come learn to play or put your skills to the test against our instructor! Pre-registration is required. Oct 5-Nov 25 | Deer Creek Racquet Club 4002450-D W 1:30-3pm $96/112/128 DEER CREEK RACQUET CLUB Fall 2020 • Park District of Highland Park 42