Fall 2020 Brochure - Page 40

Adult Tennis Programs Fall 1 Session | Aug 24-Oct 4 No classes Sep 5-7; Sep 27 after 3pm; Sep 28 Location: Outdoor at Larry Fink Tennis Courts Any class ending after 7pm, may be subject to play indoors at Deer Creek Racquet Club for last few weeks. Rain: in the event of rain, classes will be brought indoors at Deer Creek Racquet Club. Spectators will not be allowed. Masks will be required in lobby/common areas, not on tennis court. Start ReStart An entry-level USTA program for adult beginners who are not members, or have not been a part of a Deer Creek Tennis program. Larry Fink Tennis Courts 4002410-A M Noon-1pm $102/109/119 4002410-B Tu Noon-1pm $153/164/179 1.0-1.5 Drill and Play Larry Fink Tennis Courts 4002410-C W Noon-1pm $153/164/179 4002410-D Sa 11am-Noon $128/137/149 2.0 Drill & Play Larry Fink Tennis Courts 4002420-A M 10-11:30am $150/164/180 4002420-B Th 1-2:30pm $225/246/270 2.5 Drill & Play Deer Creek Racquet Club 4002425-A Tu 7:30-9pm $225/246/270 Larry Fink Tennis Courts 4002425-B W 10:30am-Noon $225/246/270 4002425-C F 1-2:30pm $225/246/270 3.0 Drill & Play Larry Fink Tennis Courts 4002430-A M 1-2pm $102/109/119 4002430-B Tu 10:30am-Noon $225/246/270 4002430-C Tu 1-2:30pm $225/246/270 4002430-D W 9-10:30am $225/246/270 4002430-E Th 10:30am-Noon $225/246/270 4002430-F F 9-10:30am $225/246/270 3.5 Drill & Play Larry Fink Tennis Courts 4002435-A M 1-2:30pm $150/164/180 4002435-C W 9-10:30am $225/246/270 4002435-D W 1-2:30pm $225/246/270 4002435-E F 9-10:30am $225/246/270 4002435-F Sa 8-9am $128/137/149 Deer Creek Racquet Club 4002435-B M 7:30-9pm $150/164/180 4.0 Drill & Play Larry Fink Tennis Courts 4002440-A Tu 9-10:30am $225/246/270 Deer Creek Racquet Club 4002440-B W 7-8:30pm $225/246/270 4.5 Drill & Play Deer Creek Racquet Club 4002445-A Th 7-8:30pm $225/246/270 Cardio Tennis Class | All Levels This one-hour high energy fitness program combines the best of tennis with cardiovascular exercise, delivering the ultimate, full body, calorie burning aerobic workout. All participants must be able to adequately perform all drills in order to participate. Pre-registration is required. Min: 4 / Max: 6 Aug 24-Oct 4 | Larry Fink Tennis Courts 4002428-A M Noon-1pm $52/60/64 Pro: Hristo 4002428-B Tu Noon-1pm $78/90/96 Pro: Chris 4002428-C W Noon-1pm $78/90/96 Pro: Richard 4002428-D Sa 7-8am $65/75/80 Pro: Steve Senior Doubles [Seniors -Over 65] | Level 2.5 & Up Previously known as Senior Drop-In; come join us outside for senior doubles! Pre-registration is required. Min: 6/Max: 10 Aug 24-Oct 4 | Larry Fink Tennis Courts 4002473-A M 11:30am-1pm $52/60/68 4002473-B W 11:30am-1pm $78/90/102 4002473-C F 2-3:30pm $78/90/102 Adult Skill Evaluation New adults registering for 3.5, 4.0 and 4.5 classes must have the Head Pro’s approval before registering for a class. Please call the Front Desk at 847.433.5450 to schedule an evaluation. The Rainout Line helps you stay up-to-date when adverse weather affects the programs and events that are important to you and lets you choose how you want to be notified. For details see page 88. DEER CREEK RACQUET CLUB Fall 2020 • Park District of Highland Park 40