Fall 2020 Brochure - Page 39

Junior Tennis Programs Location: Indoor at Deer Creek Racquet Club Registration for Fall 1 & 2 begin on the same date. If you would like to continue throughout the indoor season, make sure to sign up for Fall 1 & 2 at the same time! Tournament Prep 2 4001278-A M 3:30-4:30pm $192/212/227 4001278-B M 6:30-7:30pm $192/212/227 4001278-C Tu 4-5pm $192/212/227 4001278-D W 5:30-7pm $284/312/335 4001278-E Th 5:30-7pm $249/273/293 4001278-F F 5:30-6:30pm $168/186/198 4001278-G Sa 2-3:30pm $249/273/293 4001278-H Su 3-4:30pm $249/273/293 High School 4001174-A M 6-7:30pm $284/312/335 4001174-B Tu 6-7:30pm $284/312/335 4001174-C W 5:30-7pm $284/312/335 4001174-D Th 5:30-7pm $249/273/293 4001174-E Sa 4:30-6pm $249/273/293 4001174-F Su 4:30-6pm $249/273/293 Class Make Up Policy The Park District does not guarantee a participant’s ability to make up a class that is missed. Please take a moment to call our desk at 847.433.5450 and let us know about any future absence. Please follow these guidelines when making up a class. 1. There is a limit of two make-ups per session. 2. Classes may only be made up during the session that the classes were missed. 3. Participant must make up at their level or below; never above. 4. If participant did not notify DCRC of an absence prior to their scheduled lesson, they are not able to make up that class. 5. If participant shows up to a class that is full, they may not attend the class. 6. If participant does not show up after reserving a spot, it will still count as their make-up. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated. Fall 2 Session | Oct 5-Nov 25 ADVANCED PROGRAM Junior Excellence (Invite Only)* 4001095-A M 4:30-6pm $284/312/335 4001095-B Tu 5-6:30pm $284/312/335 4001095-C W 4-5:30pm $284/312/335 4001095-D Th 5-6:30pm $249/273/293 4001095-E Sa 4:30-6pm $249/273/293 Junior Excellence Matchplay (mandatory) (Mandatory if registered in 4001590-A thru 4001590-E): Ages: 10 & Under 4001076-A F 5:30-7pm $70 Ages: 11 & Up 4001076-B Su 1-2:30pm $70 High School Excellence (Invite Only)* 4001274-A M 6-7:30pm $284/312/335 4001274-B Tu 6:30-8pm $284/312/335 4001274-C W 7-8:30pm $284/312/335 4001274-D Th 6:30-8pm $249/273/293 High School Excellence Matchplay (mandatory) (Mandatory if registered in 4001472-A thru 4001472-D): 4001076-C Su 2:30-4pm $70 Matchplay | Ages 7-12 Players participating in all levels are also strongly encouraged to do matchplay. For more information, contact Richard Watson at 847.579.4127. 4001076-A F 5:30-7pm $70 Junior Program Skill Evaluation New juniors registering for lessons (except for Red Ball 1-2, Orange Ball 1 & Green Dot 1) must first be evaluated. Please call Richard Watson at 847.579.4127 to schedule an evaluation. DEER CREEK RACQUET CLUB Fall 2020 • Park District of Highland Park 39