Fall 2020 Brochure - Page 25

ICE SKATING Session 1 | Sept 8 - Oct 24 Session 2 | Oct 26 - Dec 19 Minimum for all classes is five participants. Classes may be combined or cancelled if class minimums are not met. How to Participate in the Annual Ice Show: May 14 & 15, 2021 Skaters of all ages and levels may participate. Online registration is Nov 23-Dec 19. To participate, Learn-to Skate Level skaters must be enrolled and attend 80% of a class for 2 full sessions during the 2020- 2021 season. Pre Freeskate Gold through Freeskate 7 must be enrolled and attend 80% of the Winter Session and one other session. One of the sessions must be a class. How to Qualify for a Trio, Duet or Solo in the 2021 Ice Show Centennial Ice Arena has instituted a point system of requirements that must be met by prospective ice show featured skaters. Students must pass Freeskate 6 or higher and earn points in order to earn a spot as a Trio, Duet or Solo skater. View and print the “How to Qualify For a Solo” packet at centennialice. org, or pick up a copy at Centennial Ice Arena in September. If you have any questions, please contact Sheila Lonergan at 847.579.4104, or slonergan@pdhp.org. North Shore Winter Classic Competition Dec 6, 2020 (Registration deadline – Nov 10, 2020) All levels of skaters are eligible to participate. For more information, contact Sheila Lonergan at 847.579.4104, or slonergan@pdhp.org. Winter Skating Exhibition Sat Dec 19 (Registration begins on November 1st) The deadline is Dec 4, 2020) Must be enrolled in our Learn to Skate classes or Package Ice and receive approval from coach. 4077700-A Sa $15 No Class Skating and gymnastics classes will not be held on: Sep 7 - Labor Day Sept 18 – After 3pm Rosh Hashanah Sept 19 – Rosh Hashanah Sept 28 - Yom Kippur Nov 6 & 7 – World Hockey Tournament Nov 25-28 - Thanksgiving Dec 20-Jan 3 - Winter Break Parent & Tot Session 1 4077191-A Sa 10:40-11:10am $92/107 Session 2 4077192-A Sa 10:40-11:10am $92/107 Tot 1 Session 1 4077111-A M 9:30-10am $77/92 4077111-B M 10-10:30am $77/92 4077111-C Tu 1:15-1:45pm $107/122 4077111-D Tu 2-2:30pm $107/122 4077111-E Th 1:15-1:45pm $107/122 4077111-F Th 2-2:30pm $107/122 4077111-G F 12:25-12:55pm $107/122 4077111-H Sa 10:40-11:10am $92/107 Session 2 4077112-A M 9:30-10am $123/138 4077112-B M 10-10:30am $123/138 4077112-C Tu 1:15-1:45pm $123/138 4077112-D Tu 2-2:30pm $123/138 4077112-E Th 1:15-1:45pm $107/122 4077112-F Th 2-2:30pm $107/122 4077112-G F 12:25-12:55pm $92/107 4077112-H Sa 10:40-11:10am $92/107 Tot 2 Session 1 4077121-A M 9:30-10am $77/92 4077121-B M 10-10:30am $77/92 4077121-C Tu 1:15-1:45pm $107/122 4077121-D Tu 2-2:30pm $107/122 4077121-E Th 1:15-1:45pm $107/122 4077121-F Th 2-2:30pm $107/122 4077121-G F 12:25-12:55pm $107/122 4077121-H Sa 10:40-11:10am $92/107 Session 2 4077122-A M 9:30-10am $123/138 4077122-B M 10-10:30am $123/138 4077122-C Tu 1:15-1:45pm $123/138 4077122-D Tu 2-2:30pm $123/138 4077122-E Th 1:15-1:45pm $107/122 4077122-F Th 2-2:30pm $107/122 4077122-G F 12:25-12:55pm $92/107 4077122-H Sa 10:40-11:10am $92/107 Fall 2020 • Park District of Highland Park 25 CENTENNIAL ICE ARENA