Fall 2020 Brochure - Page 24

ICE SKATING Session 1 | Sept 8 - Oct 24 Session 2 | Oct 26 - Dec 19 Minimum for all classes is five participants. Classes may be combined or cancelled if class minimums are not met. Fall Freestyle Package Ice Fall Session 1 4077011-A M 3:40-4:40pm $80/95 4077011-B M 4:40-5:10pm $45/50 4077011-C Tu 3:30-4pm $63/70 4077011-D Tu 4-4:30pm $63/70 4077011-E Th 3:50-4:50pm $112/126 4077011-F F 3:50-4:20pm $54/60 – Half ice, limit 10 4077011-G F 4:20-4:50pm $54/60 – Half ice, limit 10 4077011-H Sa 7:30-8am $54/60 4077011-I Sa 8-8:30am $54/60 4077011-J Sa 8:30-9am $54/60 Fall Session 2 4077012-A M 3:40-4:40pm $128/143 4077012-B M 4:40-5:10pm $72/80 4077012-C Tu 3:30-4pm $72/80 4077012-D Tu 4-4:30pm $72/80 4077012-E Th 3:50-4:50pm $112/126 4077012-F F 3:50-4:20pm $54/60 – Half ice, limit 10 4077012-G F 4:20-4:50pm $54/60 – Half ice, limit 10 4077012-H Sa 7:30-8am $54/60 4077012-I Sa 8-8:30am $54/60 4077012-J Sa 8:30-9am $54/60 Prices listed are for club/nonclub members. Members of the Highland Park Figure Skating club receive a discount on all package ice. If a session is not full, skaters may drop-in by paying online, in advance. Rates are $10/11 for 30-minute sessions and $17/19 for 60-minute sessions. Selling ice time to another skater will not be permitted. Only those listed on the roster for the day will be allowed on the ice. Freestyle Freestyle and Adult Skate sessions must be pre-registered only at pdhp.org. Only skaters who have paid online, in-advance will be permitted to skate. Freestyle sessions will only be available in 30-minute increments. Scan cards will not be accepted. $7/30-minute freestyle session $3/Adult skate session Skaters must successfully pass Basic 6 level. Lower level skaters are allowed on the ice only during private lesson with coach. For more information about Freestyle Package Ice, contact Stephanie Sylvester at ssylvester@pdhp.org. Mon 7-9am | 2:30-3:30pm Tues 7-8:30am | 2:30-3:30pm Wed 7-9am | 2:05-3:50pm Thu 7-8:30am | 2:05-3:40pm Fri 7-9am Adult Skate - Tu/Thu 8:40-9:10am No Class Skating and gymnastics classes will not be held on: Sep 7 - Labor Day Sept 18 – After 3pm Rosh Hashanah Sept 19 – Rosh Hashanah Sept 28 - Yom Kippur Nov 6 & 7 – World Hockey Tournament Nov 25-28 - Thanksgiving Dec 20-Jan 3 - Winter Break NEW! Booster Lessons | Ages 4 and up For Tot and Basic Skills skaters looking for semi-private lessons and additional practice time to work on their skills in a smaller setting. Skater to coach ratio is 3:1. Fall Session 1 4077291-A M 11-11:30am $100/115 4077291-B M 11:30am-12pm $100/115 4077291-C M 12:20-12:50pm $100/115 4077291-D M 12:50-1:20pm $100/115 4077291-E M 1:20-1:50pm $100/115 4077291-F F 11-11:30am $140/155 4077291-G F 11:30am-12pm $140/155 Fall Session 2 4077292-A M 11-11:30am $160/175 4077292-B M 11:30am-12pm $160/175 4077292-C M 12:20-12:50pm $160/175 4077292-D M 12:50-1:20pm $160/175 4077292-E M 1:20-1:50pm $160/175 4077292-F F 11-11:30am $120/135 4077292-G F 11:30am-12pm $120/135 Class Skate Rentals Skates for classes may be rented on a per session basis at the cost of $20/session, with a $85 refundable damage deposit. Skate guards will be provided with each pair. Skates must be picked up within the first week of a session and will be returned during the skater’s last class. A skate rental agreement must be signed at time of purchase. Skate rental may be paid for online. Bridge Program $10 discount for the higher level class! Available to Basic 1-6 level skaters who are repeating a class level. Designed to help skaters progress at a faster pace from one level to the next through extra ice time and experience with instruction in the higher level. Skater will enroll in both current level and next level classes. Must obtain approval from the Skating Coordinator. CENTENNIAL ICE ARENA Fall 2020 • Park District of Highland Park 24