Fall 2020 Brochure - Page 23

ICE SKATING Class Name Age Description Abilities Freeskate and Specialty Skating Classes (continued) Moves for Moves 6 & Up Pre Freeskate through Skaters will learn power, flow, body alignment, cadence, edge and turn Novice Moves Skaters techniques needed to progress through the U.S. Figure Skating Moves in the Field tests. Brackets, Counters, Rockers, Loops and Twizzle brake down drills will be taught. Levels will be divided after registration. Showcase Teams 6 & up Basic 6-PreFs Gold Competitive performance teams. Group skating skills to music for the (Rising Stars, Jr, and Free Skate 1-6 purpose of competing. Requirements – commitment to 3 Sr All Stars) Skater must have skated with a team in the 2019-2020 season competitions and 2 performances (dates TBA). A separate one time annual non-refundable fee will be assessed during the first session that includes membership, competition and costume fees. Teams will be divided after the first two weeks of practice. Intro to Showcase Team 5 & U p Tot 4 & Basic 3-5 Learn to Skate with a team. Group skating skills and choreography to Skaters who have never music. been on a team before CENTENNIAL ICE ARENA Learn to Skate USA Adult Classes Adult 1-4 16 & Up Beginner-Advanced Learn standing and balance, forward and backward skating. Class broken into levels advanced moves, edges and turns. Skate Fit 16 & Up Adult Advanced Skate into fitness. Skate 10 laps to complete 1 mile. How many laps can you do? Beginners through advanced skaters will be challenged with skills and agility. Adults should be able to skate comfortably Figures 9 & Up Advanced Creating the figure eight and other patterns through body alignment, control, and technique. Adult Freeskate 16 & Up Advanced Introduction to jumps, spins, footwork, and gliding maneuvers. Rise and Shine 18 and up Beginner-Advanced Exclusive time for adults to skate and socialize. Come skate with us before college classes, work, or as a great way to stay fit and meet new people. Includes practice ice time and Skate Fit class. Falcons Hockey Association The Park District of Highland Park is proud to partner with the Falcons Hockey Association which enables FHA to coach and run all hockey classes, with a full sheet of ice dedicated to hockey developmental classes. Prior to registering for any Falcons Hockey class, participants are required to have successfully passed Tot 2 or Basic 2 skating offered by PDHP Learn to Skate program. If you are looking for a beginning hockey class and still need to Learn to Skate, please refer to our Learn to Skate classes. Falcons Hockey coaches are highly qualified and trained. Falcons coaches will evaluate and divide the skaters into appropriate skill levels on the ice. Little Falcons 4 & Up Pre-requisite Developmental program to give skaters a solid foundation of skating, Tot 2, or Basic 2 stick handling, shooting and passing. Hockey skates, hockey helmet with mask, shin & elbow pad, hockey gloves and hockey stick are required. Fall 2020 • Park District of Highland Park 23