Fall 2020 Brochure - Page 22

ICE SKATING Learn to Skate USA Programs at Centennial Ice Arena Class Name Age Description Abilities Parent & Tot 3 ½-5 Beginner For the timid skater who would like an adult in class for support. Tot 1 4-5 Beginner Basics for beginner skater. Tot 2 4-5 Intermediate Introduction to forward swizzles, backward skating, and snow plow stop. Tot 3 4-5 Intermediate-Advanced Beginning stroking, skate on one foot, edges and curves. Tot 4 4-5 Advanced Beginning crossovers, forward stroking, backward swizzles. FUNdamental Skating Skills Basic 1 6-12 Beginner Basics for beginner skater. Basic 2 6-12 Prerequisite Basic 1 One foot skating, turning front to back, back swizzles. CENTENNIAL ICE ARENA NEW! Basic 3 6-12 Prerequisite Basic 2 Stroking, two foot spin, one foot glides, beginner forward crossovers and edges. Basic 4 6-12 Prerequisite Basic 3 Backward stroking, edges, advanced forward crossovers, beginning back crossovers. Basic 5 6-12 Prerequisite Basic 4 Back edges, back crossovers, beginning one, foot spin. Basic 6 6-12 Prerequisite Basic 5 3-turns, T-stops, Spirals, Lunges, back 2 foot turns. Pre-Freeskate 6-12 Prerequisite Basic 6 Mohawks, edges, advanced turns. Intro to jumps and spins jump and Silver spin preparations, footwork. Custom Skate Class 4-12 Beginner Create your own class with 5 skaters minimum, depending on ice and instructor availability. Call us at 847.579-4108 to arrange a day and time that works for your group of 5 or more. Bridge Program Basic 1-6 A skater may take 2 classes: one at his/her current level and one at a higher level. Must get approval from the skating coordinator. Freeskate and Specialty Skating Classes Dance for Skaters 6 & up Basic 3-6 Work off ice on proper form and technique for skating, jumps and turns. Pre-Freeskate 6 & Up Prerequisite Mohawks, edges, advanced turns. Intro to jumps and spins jump and Gold Pre-Freeskate Silver spin preparations, footwork. Freeskate 1-6 6 & Up Prerequisite Jumps, spins, and footwork. Pre-Freeskate Gold Freeskate 7 6 & Up Prerequisite Freeskate 6 Skills include those needed to earn a solo in the annual ice show. Axel, double jumps, flying, and combination spins and footwork. Power 6 & Up Pre FS- High Fs Develop endurance, speed, and strength. Fall 2020 • Park District of Highland Park 22