Fall 2020 Brochure - Page 18

S’more Parkschool SPROUTS Two-Year-Olds In our live virtual classroom, your child will engage in activities that focus on colors, numbers, senses, and shapes. The curriculum is designed to enhance cognitive stimulation through following directions, expressing themselves through art, and developing their fine motor-skills. Each child will receive a supply kit ready for contact-free pick up from West Ridge Center prior to the start of class. Parents are encouraged to join their Sprout during class. Min 4/ Max 12. Choose M/W or Tu/Th. Fall 2 is great for new or returning participants as the curriculum will be different. When the Park District can safely do so, we will re-introduce in-person ParkSchool for our Sprouts age group. FALL 1 | Sep 8-Oct 29 (No program Sep 7, 28, Oct 12) 4019001-A M/W 9:45-10:30a $176/186 4019001-B M/W 11:45a-12:30p $176/186 4019001-C Tu/Th 9:45-10:30a $240/250 4019001-D Tu/Th 11:45a-12:30p $240/250 FALL 2 | Nov 2-Dec 17 (No program Nov 25-27) 4019001-E M/W 9:45-10:30a $195/210 4019001-F M/W 11:45a-12:30p $195/210 4019001-G Tu/Th 9:45-10:30a $195/210 4019001-H Tu/Th 11:45a-12:30p $195/210 PARKSCHOOL SAPLINGS Three-Year-Olds Location: West Ridge Center Our goal is to encourage independence, introduce group collaboration, develop critical thinking, and socialization skills. Students are exposed to letters, numbers, cooking, art, stories, and circle time. Advancing fine and gross motor skill development is an integral part of each day. Number and letter recognition are the foundation for progression to the Mighty Oaks. Min 6/Max 10/classroom The three-year-old curriculum is designed for participation in the morning OR afternoon. Fall 2020 programs currently full. Check back in Spring 2021 for Fall 2021 registration. WINTER/SPRING | Jan 4-May 27 MORNING | 9:10-11:25AM 6308330-K M $1044/1094 6308330-L Tu $1044/1094 6308330-M W $1044/1094 6308330-N Th $1044/1094 AFTERNOON | 12:45-3PM 6308330-Q M $1044/1094 6308330-R Tu $1044/1094 6308330-S W $1044/1094 6308330-T Th $1044/1094 FUNOLOGY FRIDAY The fun continues Fridays! Our focus is on fresh exciting themes that captivate your child's imagination. We play fast paced games using all five senses, make messy art projects promoting creativity, and create crazy science-based concoctions to encourage discovery. Includes exercise and fun brain games. Age groups may be combined based on registration. Min 6/Max 10. WINTER/SPRING | Jan 8-May 28 MORNING | 9:10-11:25AM 6308330-P F $992/1042 AFTERNOON | 12:45-3PM 6308330-U F $992/1042 Please NOTE: No programming on 3/22-26, 4/2. Fall 2020 • Park District of Highland Park 18