Fall 2020 Brochure | Page 50

INDOOR ADULT AQUATICS FITNESS Registration deadline: 1st Session: Wed Sep 30 | 2nd Session: Wed Nov 11 Master Swim | Ages 16 and up Improve your fitness through swimming! Our coach helps you improve your strokes and challenges you with structured Master Swim workouts designed to improve your endurance, strength, speed and power in the water. You should be able to swim a minimum of 10 or more lengths of the pool without stopping. Min/Max is 8/20. No class Nov 24. Instructor: Tim Johnson, USAT Coach 6 weeks | Oct 5-Nov 9 4773451-A M 5:45-6:45 pm $108/126 6 weeks | Nov 16-Dec 21 4773451-B M 5:45-6:45 pm $108/126 Aqua Jogging | Ages 16 and up This is one of the best cardiovascular fitness activities you can do with zero-impact. A Personal Trainer will lead you in a small group social distance spacing in the pool for aqua jogging endurance and high intensity interval sequences. This is designed to increase your heart rate, burn calories, tone your body, enhance mobility and flexibility, and improve your overall health. This is an all levels all group class. Participants will be given options from beginner to advanced workouts. Aqua-belts and additional props will be available to assist in the workout. Min/Max is 7/12. Instructor: Chelsea Duggan, Certified Personal Trainer 6 weeks | Oct 6-Nov 10 4773460-A Tu 10:30-11:15 am $60/81 6 weeks | Nov 17-Dec 22 4773460-B Tu 10:30-11:15 am $60/81 Fees are Resident/Non-Resident OUTDOOR YOUTH FITNESS All outdoor classes are held outside in The Preserve at the Recreation Center of Highland Park. Registration deadline: Wed Sep 9 Youth Outdoor Yoga | Ages 10-14 Enjoy yoga in the park in the beautiful Preserve of Highland Park at the Recreation Center. This is an all levels fun flow format to pick up your spirits and make you strong in mind and body. You will improve in flexibility, strength and focus in this all level supportive environment. Min/Max is 7/14. No class on Sep 28 & Oct 12 5 weeks | Sep 14-Oct 26 4101023-A M 4:15-5pm $65/90 Youth Outdoor Kickboxing Conditioning | Ages 10-14 Join MMA Master Kickbox Instructor, Justin Hanlin outside in the park for a martial arts no-contact MMA conditioning workout. Gain strength, cardiovascular conditioning, selfawareness and discipline, coordination and quick responses in fitness benefiting memory, attention, and self-confidence. Proper warm-ups, conditioning and cool downs ensure safety and success. Min/Max 7/14. No class Sep 28 Instructor: Justin Hanlin, CPT26. 6 Weeks | Sep 14 – Oct 26 4101014-A M 4-4:45 pm $91/123 Youth Outdoor Zumba | Ages 10-14 Let’s dance outside the Recreation Center of Highland Park to today’s top hits! This class combines energy and enthusiasm in dance moves for all levels. We start with a thorough warm up to build core strength and body control then move in to the dance party fun. Min/Max 7/14. 6 weeks | Sep 16-Oct 28 4101024-A W 4:15-5:00pm $91/123 RECREATION CENTER OF HIGHLAND PARK Youth Outdoor Boot Camp | Ages 10-14 Its HP’s Fitness Camp for middle school friends! Outdoor Bootcamp is a fun interval training program with activities including circuits, strength and flexibility stations using your own body weight, obstacle in the park and more. A great way to be fit, with encouraging teamwork and motivation from friends. Min/Max is 7/20. 6 weeks | Sep 17-Oct 29 4101007-A Th 4:15-5pm $91/123 Fall 2020 • Park District of Highland Park 49