Fall 2020 Brochure | Page 47

NEW! Hands-on, applied learning experiences for students of all ages! Register for a developed program or a customized program to fit your needs. We offer on-site programs (your students come to us) and off-site (we come to your local park). Whatever best meets your needs! HOME AND MICRO SCHOOLING | Grades K- 5 Sign up your Homeschool Co-op or your Micro-pod of 4- 10 kids for an hour to hour and half program. We provide all the materials needed for each learning adventure and instruct the program. Virtual option available. Max 10 persons. Heller Nature Center or Rosewood Beach $55/lesson. Topics Offered: • Life Cycles • Seeds and Plants • Animal Adaptations • Engineering in Nature • Soil and Water testing • Habitats • Weather • Nature Measurements • Geology • Playground Physics • Archery math and physics (at Heller only) • Migrators, hibernators, activators • Decomposers and insects To book a program, contact: Meghan Meredith [email protected] 847-579-4183 S.T.R.E.A.M COMES TO ME! | Grades K-5 Experience science, technology, recreation, engineering, arts and mathematics (STREAM) at your local parks with hand-on learning, investigations and exploration. $8/person Max 15 persons. 4245233-A Sept 15 Tue 11am-Noon Danny Cunniff - Life cycles and pond life 4245233-B Sept 22 Tue 11am- Noon Mooney - Seeds to Trees 4245233-C Sept 29 Tue 11am- Noon Old Elm - Natures engineers 4245233-D Oct 6 Tue 11am- Noon Woodridge - Animal Adaptations 4245233-E Oct 13 Tue 11am- Noon Central - Soil and Water investigations 4245233-F Oct 20 Tue 11 am-Noon Port Clinton - Habitat 4245233-G Oct 27 Tue 11am-Noon Sherwood – Weather 4245233-H Nov 3 Tue 11am-Noon Heller Nature Center - Migrators, hibernators and activators 4245233-I Nov 10 Tue 11am-Noon Rosewood Beach - Geology KIT RENTALS | Grades K-5 Get your kids excited and engaged with Heller Nature Center Science kits. Each kit is available for check out and includes a short video about items in the box and hands on learning tools to help bring science to life! Each kit is $55 to rent for 3 days. Kits are designed for 5 persons. Late return of kit subject to additional fees. Adaptations: Fur pelts, replica skulls, and bones help learners see how each adaptation is needed for animals to survive in their habitats. Weather: Use scientific equipment like meteorologists to determine what is happening in the atmosphere and how that will affect our weather tomorrow. Soil or Water Investigation: Test your soil and water using nutrient indicators and determine if these areas are healthy enough for plants and/or animals. Birds of Prey: Take an up-close look into the different adaptations that make birds of prey perfect predators! Dive into an owl pellet and see the bones of small critters that they caught. Seeds to Trees: Journey with us using math and investigations to learn how trees grow from seeds and into the tall sturdy giants we know in our yard. Look into what is happening under the bark and leaves that help plants grow. Sensing the Outdoors: Look, smell, touch, taste and feel your way outdoors. Become more aware of your surroundings by using all your senses. To reserve a kit, please contact: Meghan Meredith [email protected] 847-579-4183 Fall 2020 • Park District of Highland Park 48