Fall 2020 Brochure | Page 36

Junior Tennis Programs Red Ball 1 4001721-A M 3:45-4:30pm $72/78/84 4001721-B Tu 2:30-3:15pm $108/117/126 4001721-C Tu 3:45-4:30pm $108/117/126 4001721-E Th 3:45-4:30pm $108/117/126 4001721-F F 2:30-3:15pm $108/117/126 4001721-G F 3:45-4:30pm $108/117/126 4001721-H Sa 9-9:45am $90/98/105 4001721-I Sa 9:45-10:30am $90/98/105 4001721-J Sa 10:30-11:15am $90/98/105 4001721-K Su Noon-12:45pm $90/98/105 Red Ball 2 4001722-A M 3:45-4:30pm $72/78/84 4001722-B Tu 4:15-5pm $108/117/126 4001722-C W 3:45-4:30pm $108/117/126 4001722-D Th 3:45-4:30pm $108/117/126 4001722-E F 3:45-4:30pm $108/117/126 4001722-F Sa 1-2pm $120/133/142 4001722-G Su 11am-Noon $120/133/142 4001722-H Su 12:45-1:30pm $90/98/105 Junior Development Program 1 4001531-A M 3:45-4:30pm $72/78/84 4001531-B Tu 4-5pm $144/159/170 4001531-C W 3:45-4:30pm $108/117/126 4001531-D Th 3:45-4:30pm $108/117/126 4001531-E Sa Noon-1pm $120/133/142 4001531-F Su 1-2pm $120/133/142 Fall 1 Session | Aug 24-Oct 4 No classes Sep 5-7; Sep 27 after 3pm; Sep 28 Location: Outdoor at Larry Fink Tennis Courts *Any class ending after 7pm, may be subject to play indoors at Deer Creek Racquet Club for last few weeks. *Rain: in the event of rain, classes will be brought indoors at Deer Creek Racquet Club. Spectators will not be allowed. Masks will be required in lobby/common areas, not on tennis court. Orange Ball 1 4001621-A M 5-6pm $96/106/114 4001621-B Tu 4:30-5:30pm $144/159/170 4001621-C W 3:45-4:30pm $108/117/126 4001621-D Th 3:45-4:30pm $108/117/126 4001621-E F 3:30-4:30pm $144/159/170 4001621-F Sa Noon-1pm $120/133/142 4001621-G Su 1:30-2:30pm $120/133/142 Green Dot 1 4001431-A M 5:30-6:30pm $96/106/114 4001431-B Tu 3-4pm $144/159/170 4001431-D W 5:30-6:30pm $144/159/170 4001431-E Th 4:30-5:30pm $144/159/170 4001431-F F 4:30-5:30pm $144/159/170 4001431-G Sa 3:30-4:30pm $120/133/142 4001431-H Su 2:30-3:30pm $120/133/142 Junior Development Program 2 4001532-A M 4:30-5:30pm $96/106/114 4001532-C Tu 5-6pm $144/159/170 4001532-D W 4:30-5:30pm $144/159/170 4001532-E Th 4:30-5:30pm $144/159/170 4001532-F F 4:30-5:30pm $144/159/170 4001532-G Sa 1-2pm $120/133/142 4001532-H Su 2-3pm $120/133/142 DEER CREEK RACQUET CLUB *Enrollment in Tournament Prep 1 and higher is subject to approval by a full-time professional. An evaluation may be required. Junior Program Skill Evaluation New juniors registering for lessons (except for Red Ball 1-2, Orange Ball 1 & Green Dot 1) must first be evaluated. Please call Richard Watson at 847.579.4127 to schedule an evaluation. Fall 2020 • Park District of Highland Park 36