Falk Marketing Materials 21 Wishes - Page 2

What do we wish for our children? This question is the foundation of our vision. The 21 statements that follow attempt to articulate that vision—to bring clarity to the question. Having a clear picture of what we want for our children will help guide us in all that we do. We will use this document to measure and guide our actions. Falk School On a hill overlooking the campus of the University of Pittsburgh stands a beautiful gray stone building with an old English slate shingle roof. Inside is a school with an excellent faculty and a diverse student body. It is the campus laboratory school of the University of Pittsburgh. Established under a charter agreement between the University and Leon Falk Jr. and Marjorie Falk Levy in 1930, the school has a unique status among American laboratory schools. It is the only one that is known to have a legal charter that stipulates its purpose and functions. The school was named the Fanny Edel Falk Elementary School in honor of the donors’ mother. The original charter designated the school as a progressive experimental school for demonstration purposes; however, in 1946 the charter was amended to include practice teaching as one of the school’s functions. Over the years the faculty added to the school’s original functions the development of new and innovative educational practices, the in-service education of experienced teachers, and educational research. Most recently, Falk School has adopted inquiry as the defining characteristic in its educational philosophy.