Faith & Reason Volume III, Issue III - Page 7

SR. LUCIA MARIE SIEMERING: REFLECTIONS FROM ROME ON A PFIC EDUCATION By Matthew Kirby, Communications Manager, Dominican Foundation How did going through the program affect your thinking? In August of 2015, Sr. Lucia Marie Siemering, O.P., became the first graduate of the PFIC’s MA in Thomistic Studies program. She now works for the Vatican Secretariat of State and lives in community with other Nashville Dominican sisters in the village of Bracciano an hour north of Rome. Her article “Capital Grace of the Word Incarnate According to Saint Thomas Aquinas” was published in the April-June edition of Studia Gilsoniana. What is unique about the PFIC’s Thomistic Studies program? Thomas rightly deserves the title of “Universal Doctor” because his teaching is the patrimony of the whole Church, but it is fair to say that it is also the special treasure of the Dominican Order. With Aquinas, the Friars are recipients of the charism of Saint Dominic and thus have unique insight into the thought of their brother, Thomas. Being taught by Friars who are excellent theologians themselves brings Saint Thomas alive for students. Faith & Reason - Volume III, Issue II 0070_BLKFM_Faith & Reason_VF.indd 7 It made me take time to think things through more carefully. Theology takes time, and it is worth the time that it takes. Saint Thomas also was famously willing to use the work of pagan philosophers, specifically that of Aristotle, to advance his study, because all truth comes from God. Because the program is so solid, it made me feel like I have something to contribute in theological discussions, and I’m not afraid to engage people who see things differently. Does your training at the PFIC bear on