Faith & Reason Volume III, Issue III - Page 5

Among his media appearances are the National Catholic Register, where he’s been interviewed several times by wellrespected reporter Edward Pentin; the public radio show Interfaith Voices, where he debated Episcopalian Bishop Gene Robinson on euthanasia; and EWTN’s Morning Glory radio show, where he often appears as the program’s “Godly counsel” (the hosts’ term for the in-studio priest du jour). He’s also been on PBS’s Religion & Ethics Newsweekly, written an opinion article for the Washington Post, commented on EWTN News Nightly, and appeared on the Fox Business Channel and NewsMax’s The Hardline. TWEETS BY FR. PETRI Beyond the mainstream media, Fr. Petri is a prolific tweeter (@PetriOP) with well over 5000 followers. He acknowledges that Twitter can have its challenges: “The problem with Twitter is that it takes twenty tweets to make all the right distinctions.” He insists, however, that priests must be on social media, saying that it is the new public square. “It is clearly being used as a way to exchange ideas, exchange thoughts, to engage in conversation, and the priest should be there because people are there.” Fr. Thomas Petri, O.P., with host Gloria Purvis and Executive Producer Alyssa Murphy on EWTN Radio’s Morning Glory. Host Brian Patrick (not pictured) was also present. 5 0070_BLKFM_Faith & Reason_VF.indd 5 10/6/16 11:07 AM