Faith & Family Winter 2020 - Page 5

hosted her first Thanksgiving for her sisters - a “ Sisters ’ Thanksgiving ” they called it - and my entire family Zoomed , something we realized we could have done last year when my uncle was unable to make it because of illness .
I found a way to carry on some traditions , though . Usually , we go horseback riding the day after Thanksgiving as an homage to my mom , who had a small farm near Dothan . Riding horses was always a part of our visits to her , so we ’ ve kept that tradition going , adding more generations to the mix each year . Last year , we had about 20 riders ! This year , I found a barn where I could go on a trail ride . When I arrived , I saw one of the horses looked just like my mom ’ s favorite mare ! I took it as a sign ( and also picked her to take on the trail ).
I couldn ’ t bake the family Double Cookies with the younger generation , but I made the cookies anyhow and sent them with a note letting them know how much I missed them . In this day of email , direct messaging , etc ., we sometimes forget how important it can make us feel to get something in the mail .
As we head into 2021 - and hopefully a return to some semblance of normalcy by the spring or summer - I am resolving to not forget the ways we adapted this year . I want to keep some of the new ways of doing things ( Zooming friends and relatives more regularly ; sending letters through the mail ) and create new traditions that will last for years and years . Or , until change comes again .
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