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2020 put a different spin on holidays , family gatherings

Story and photos by Amy Henderson

This time of year is seeped in

traditions . From October through January , it seems we have traditions we follow every year .
Except this year the coronavirus has put a different spin on things . Drive-thru events have taken the place of going door-to-door at Halloween or sitting down with large groups at Thanksgiving or gathering in groups to exchange gifts at Christmas . What ’ s exciting is that we have not given up on our traditions , we ’ ve just found new ways of doing them !
I think of the Early Church and what it must have been like . What traditions did they have that they kept ? What new ones did they create ? How difficult was it for early Christians to give up the trappings of their former faith and create a new path , a new way ?
Change can be difficult . For the first time in more than a decade , my siblings and our families didn ’ t gather at Thanksgiving this year . It was hard to not think , “ what if ?” and to not dwell on past Thanksgivings ( especially since all week long Facebook so helpfully supplied me with visual memories of past Thanksgivings !), but that type of thinking isn ’ t productive or healthy .
Instead , we focused on new things . My youngest daughter
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