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As proclaimed , schools and businesses throughout the state were closed and the people humbly prayed and fasted .
into the next two days . The higher than normal temperatures caused the billions of grasshopper eggs to hatch and swarm , making an already greatly feared situation even worse ! Although the higher than normal temperatures lasted for three days , on the fourth day the temperature suddenly dropped as an unseasonably late blizzard arrived . The sudden cold froze the grasshopper larvae and unhatched eggs . When the snow and ice melted , the grasshoppers were gone , totally exterminated !
Minnesota farmers went on to have a bountiful harvest of wheat , corn , and grain in 1877 after all . Subsequently , entomologists researching the fields the following fall , could not find even one grasshopper egg !
The people of Minnesota never forgot the miracle of April 26 , 1877 ; how God heard the prayers of the people and intervened to save them from the plague of grasshoppers .
To remember the miracle and to honor God ’ s intervention , John Pillsbury and the people of Minnesota erected a monument at Cold Spring , Minnesota .
It is in the Biblical account of the Israelites standing on the bank of the Red Sea and the people of Minnesota facing the plague of grasshoppers in 1877 , that we are reminded that God hears our prayers . He is a miracle working God . He calls us to walk by faith , not sight . Even when it seems the darkest , He is working . In these “ Red Sea ” moments , the power and glory of God is revealed .
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