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Minnesota Archives
Minnesota Locusts c . 1870s . grasshoppers were vicious and highly destructive . They swarmed in large black clouds swooping down , eating and destroying wheat , corn and barley crops , trees , and gardens . Even clothes , shoes and wooden tools were not safe .
The invasion three previous years in a row of the highly destructive grasshoppers had decimated the economy of the state , causing many farmers to give up and move . Now , Entomologists inspecting fields in the spring of 1877 reported finding billions of grasshopper eggs waiting to hatch . This would mean the largest outbreak to date , making the damage from previous years seem minimal .
All of the methods used to control them had only been successful on a small scale and it was believed they would not work on such a massive scale as now predicted . There seemed to be no options left and the people looked to Governor Pillsbury for an answer .
On April 9 , 1877 , in an act of courageous humility , encouraged by many constituents and clergy . John


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