Faith & Family Summer 2020 - Page 5

We sure are living in strange times. Who would have ever thought we’d all be told to stay home to work, worship and be educated? But that’s what this COVID-19 pandemic did, and there has been some good things that have come out of it. I missed in-person worship services, but I also very much enjoyed being able to worship with my church family back in Atlanta. I have also been a part of an email group - made of up of several people I don’t even know - exploring the Gospel of Mark. I’ve also been part of zoom meetings with family members all over the United States, watch parties with friends in the U.S. and Canada and even received and sent some old-fashioned U.S. Postal Service letters! So while we’ve gone through a period of physical distancing, there have been many ways in which we’ve been closer together than ever. Families, in particular, have been spending more time together. With school events and group sports canceled this spring, families were not rushing from one event to another. I saw so many kids out riding bikes with parents or out on walks together. My favorites have been seeing kids playing together in their yards PLUMBING & DRAIN SERVICE Home Owned & Operated (256) 734-1060 “When Drains Don’t Work, We Do!” 391739-1 Faith & Family | 5