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Not knowing when, or even if they would be rescued, they immediately implemented strict food and water rationing. if they were even alive. Disaster struck again, when a 2nd collapse occurred a day later, completely closing off the original outside entrance to the mine. This left only one option for rescue, drilling straight down. Meanwhile, the miners carefully rationed the food by consuming only a spoonful of tuna and a sip of milk once every two days to make the food last longer. Even with rationing, the food ran out on the 16th day of their entombment. They knew that they were facing certain death and could not survive much longer in the 95-degree heat and humidity. One of the drill bits broke through to where the men were located on the 17th day after the collapse. When the drill bit returned to the surface, a note was found and on it. Johnny and Donna would like to invite everyone to be our guest at Baldwin Church of Christ 760 County Rd 437 (Hwy. 69S) Cullman, AL 35055 Office: (256) 736-9944 Fax: (256) 736-1180 We Go To the Extreme To Clean “We are fine in the refuge, the 33.” Immediately, the shaft was widened to enable a five-foot long narrow capsule, which the miners affectionately came to call “La Paloma” (the dove), to move from the surface to the men below. Daily the “La Paloma” carried supplies to sustain them that provided for their physical needs: water, food, medicine, communication equipment, and later spiritual support. The men requested Bibles. Each man received one engraved with his name and Psalm 40 highlighted. On the surface, engineers from different companies from around the world using various equipment faced numerous obstacles and difficulties drilling through the hard rock of the desert. A rescue of this type had never before been hOpe JAnitORiAl & FOODSeRVice SupplieS OFFICE (256) 736-9944 • Janitoral & Chemical Supplies • Food Service Supplies • FAX Paper (256) & Dispensers 736-1180 Open tO the • Odor Control public! • Bags & Can Liners MOn.-FRi. 8:00 tO 5:00 • Party & Buffet Supplies SAt. 9:00 tO 12:00 760 County Rd 437 (Hwy 69S) Cullman, Al 35055 380547-1 Faith & Family | 27