Faith & Family Summer 2020 - Page 16

The light house and the fish pond are part of the pump station park. direction, is a wide, shallow area in the river that, according to oldtimers, was a forge in river where wagons would cross. I have always been told that the road itself was first built as a stage route from Huntsville to Montgomery. Both ends of 548 do end at fairly shallow parts of the river, making this story seem true. I can also attest that a majority of the land was once railroad land, making a stage coach route fit right in. Just to the north of the Blue Sam Estrada Hole is the junction. The entire 400 hundred acres that now belongs to the Monastery is bordered on three sides by water. The Mulberry River is on the east and southern ends of the property, as well as part of the way up the west side. On the majority of the western border of the property we find the Broglen River. At the junction the Broglen runs into the Mulberry and turns back to the southwest. The unique thing about the Broglen is that it also borders the west side of St. Bernard, another monastery here in Cullman County. To the north of the junction are two places along the road that have a very similar landscape. With two rivers this close to each other, they are bound to wind close to each other a time or two. We call both of these places the narrows. The first one that you come to on your drive is before the Monastery Property. This first set of narrows is unique in the fact that the Broglen The old pump station. Sam Estrada 16 | Faith & Family