Faith & Family Summer 2020 - Page 15

property he developed walking trails, flower gardens, fish ponds and miniature structures that still survive to this day. The property became somewhat of a park for locals to come and enjoy. While the rock paths and other attractions of the property made it unique, the biggest attraction was the swinging bridge. Mr. Hare had a daughter by the name of Betty that would have to walk two miles to catch the bus for school; because of this inconvenience Mr. Hare decided to build a bridge that would span the river and allow Betty to walk to a road in Blount County where she could catch the bus closer to home. Little did he know that his simple suspended bridge would become one of the most visited features in the whole community. Now that the bridge is gone, we only have a few photos and stories that continue to be passed down. Directly across the property from the pump station is the Blue Hole. This popular spot on the river is a deep hole that has a cliff on the west side a beach on the east side and a set of rapids on the northern downstream side. This unique feature in the river has been home to many a lazy summer afternoon, as it was at one time the community swimming hole. Upstream from the Blue Hole, but in the southward This photo of the old swinging bridge provided by Brent McCoy, shows his grandfather Jerry Thompson at 17-years-old. 366933-1 Faith & Family | 15