Faith & Family Summer 2020 - Page 14

The Cullman Times Shrine of the Most Blessed Sacrament Sam Estrada The fish pond. almost transported back in time, weaving through timber company land until reaching civilization once more at the end of the road. The house that the friars now live in here on the property belonged to Richard and Ramona Jesse up until 2009. Once you passed their house you topped the hill where the main gate of the Monastery is now and the land opened back up into fields generally planted with soybeans. This was the Putman farm (the original purchase made by Mother Angelica in 1995). The road continued down the north side of their place to Mrs. Terry’s Place, also the site of the old Pump Station, which is how the road got its name. Originally purchased sometime in the early 30s, the city of Cullman purchased a small parcel of land that allowed it to control the water rights where Chamblee Mill Creek runs into the Mulberry River. The city installed a pump house on the property with two large pumps, and also dug a line from the property to the city. The line itself is about 14 miles long and was dug by hand. T.B. Hare was hired as caretaker of the property, as well as the pumps. While he lived on the 14 | Faith & Family