Faith & Family Summer 2020 - Page 13

The property that is now owned by the Poor Clare Sisters was pieced together like a patchwork quilt from several different properties that I knew as a young child. gone by in a community that your ancestors have called home for so many years. While things change over the years, you can still see glimpses of the past that take you back to how it was as a child, or that bring to life the stories that you have been told from your elders. I want to take the time to share a little of the history of this road predating Mother Angelica and the Nuns and what we now know as Our Lady of the Angels Monastery. Pump Station Road (County road 548 from County road 747 south), as it was known in my childhood, was a one lane dirt road that was sparsely populated. As a child I can remember riding horses up and down this road with little to no traffic. We raised mules and trained them, and the shade of the hardwoods that hung over the little windy road made for the perfect path to drive a young team of mules without too much heat. Once you passed Keith and Donna Jackson’s farm you were The old pump house exterior. Sam Estrada Shrine Of The Most Blessed Sacrament A visitor to the Shrine of the Most Blessed Sacrament prays the rosary. Faith & Family | 13