Faith & Family - Cullman, Alabama Spring 2020 - Page 7

Some of the lyrics are as follows: “They that wait upon the Lord will renew their strength; They will mount up with wings like eagles. They will run and not grow weary; They will walk and not faint. Teach me, Lord; teach me, Lord, to wait.” It’s hard to wait. There is so much to be done, but we’ve been placed in a time with no choice but to wait. It helps me to remember that waiting — no matter how long it takes — means the best results. Through faith, we know who holds tomorrow. Another change you might have noticed is I’m new to writing this introduction for Faith & Family. You’ve read my stories through the years, but I was recently named editor of the publication. My hope is we all continue to grow together as a community, state, nation and world. Things will get back to a new normal, and I believe we will all get through this together. Just wait. Athens City Councilman Frank Travis used his faith and the support of others to overcome injury. Jean Cole shares his story on page 18. Mother’s Day and Father’s Day are quickly approaching. Jessica Barnett shares ways — big and small — to help parents feel appreciated. See what works for your family on page 28. Meanwhile, I’ve worked up some potluck recipes that can be shared at home or delivered to family. Find them on page 8. My hope is congregations will be able to gather for potlucks again soon. As always, thanks for reading. In this edition Hope, faith and family remain important to the people of Limestone County and to many of the people featured in this edition. Jeff Edwards’ family stretches from one end of Alabama to another, and they rely on technology to stay in touch. Learn how they bring the family closer together on page 22. April 2020 | Faith & Family 7