Faith & Family - Cullman, Alabama Spring 2020 - Page 6

Note from the Editor Waiting on a new normal By Lora Scripps Editor A lot has changed since our last Faith & Family edition. It’s our hope that everyone reading this is safe, healthy, happy or on their way to all three. By the time you read this, it’s possible we remain in a stay-at- home order due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Some of the orders may have been lifted, but the pandemic has, no doubt, changed daily life. In truth, our lives will remain changed for some time — a new normal. This novel coronavirus has separated us in ways we never imagined, but it’s also brought many of us closer as families, friends and church members. I reflect back on Easter Sunday. Many Christians celebrated Easter 6 Faith & Family | April 2020 isolated in their homes, while pastors preached to smartphones and empty pews and small families used digital formats to virtually hug their loved ones. Songs were heard from city balconies, drive-in services popped up, and St. Peter’s Square — where tens of thousands would normally gather to hear Pope Francis — was empty. However, one thing seemed stronger than ever — hope. My young son overheard someone say Easter was canceled this year. I assured him it was not and we celebrated as we normally would, just without our extended family physically surrounding us. Actually, it ended up one of the best Easters we’ve celebrated together. We hunted eggs a little longer and hugged each other a little tighter. The grandparents watched the festivities through their phone screens. One hymn that keeps popping into my head is “They that Wait Upon the Lord,” which includes scripture from Isaiah 40:31.