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greatest honor I have ever received.” At KDS, Teal taught math and coached basketball and baseball. His teams competed in county and state championships, which earned him his place in the Marshall County Sports Hall of Fame 36 years later. Teal became principal of KDS in 1976 at age 28 and held the position for 17 years. He said people would often ask if he missed coaching, and he really did, but he missed teaching math more. Still, he loved being principal. “In fact,” Teal said, “I have loved every job I have ever had. When I sacked groceries as a college student, I really enjoyed that. I have had a blessed life.” Joe and Bonnie Teal have been married for 52 years. God’s plan Teal said he always thought God placed him at KDS for what he was to accomplish there, but as he reflects back, he thinks it may have been a way to place him in First Baptist Church at Grant. There, he served as lay speaker and was ordained into the ministry. Without the leadership of some godly men there, he does not think he would be where he is today. In 1993, Teal retired from KDS. That same year, the Marshall County Board of Education hired him as assistant superintendent and director of special services, where he worked with students who had developmental 34 Faith & Family | April 2020 or physical disabilities. Teal called it a challenging but rewarding job. He was later asked to be principal at Guntersville High School. Teal heard there was division among the faculty and other problems in the school, but he said he wasn’t interested in hearing the problems rehashed. He has a philosophy that he often shares, “Let people be people and let Jesus be Lord,” and that is what he tried to follow. Teal was called as principal of Westminster Christian Academy in Huntsville shortly after. He hated to leave so soon, but he had rededicated his life to Christ and told God he would be willing to go wherever God Continued on page 36