Faith & Family - Cullman, Alabama Spring 2020 - Page 21

“My father was an awesome and wonderful role model,” Frank said, his voice breaking as he remembered him. Like his father, who was a foreman at the Tennessee Valley Authority’s New Johnsonville, Tennessee, steam plant, Frank also worked for TVA until he retired. He was appointed, then elected, to the District 3 seat on the Athens City Council in 2016. Love for son Frank and Sharon’s son, Sean, was initially charged with two counts of first-degree domestic violence in connection with the assault on Frank and his wife. His charges were later upgraded to two counts each of attempted murder, first-degree domestic violence, second-degree assault and first-degree criminal mischief. No trial date has been set, and he remains in the Limestone County Jail. Frank said that while Sean has been jailed, Lindsay Lane Baptist Church pastor Eric Pugh has been regularly visiting and praying with him. “Eric is always giving uplifting information about how he is doing and how he is trying to become a better person,” Frank said. “Sean always believed in God, but now he is committing himself to God. And although he is still incarcerated, he told Eric he has never felt freer than he does now.” April 2020 | Faith & Family 21