Fair Guide - Pontotoc County 2021 - Page 60

4-H Division

LEVEL THREE - Grades 6-8 20 . Educational poster based on the nutritional contributions of fruits and vegetables
LEVEL FOUR - Grades 9-12 21 . Educational display based on a recipe modification to include :
• Original recipe and what modifications were made
• Benefits of the modifications
• How did the modifications impact the above factors ?
• What were other people ’ s responses to the modifications ?
FOOD OR KITCHEN SAFETY LEVEL TWO - Grades 3-5 22 . Educational poster based on food or kitchen safety
LEVEL THREE - Grades 6-8 23 . Educational poster based on protein food safety
LEVEL FOUR - Grades 9-12 24 . Educational poster based on outdoor cookery or grilling
OTHER EXHIBITS LEVEL TWO - Grades 3-5 25 . Educational poster illustrating a place setting for a specific occasion or menu
LEVEL THREE - Grades 6-8 26 . Educational display based on a breakfast bread buffet theme . Should include menu , buffet layout , decorations , invitations , and any additional information
LEVEL FOUR - Grades 9-12 27 . Educational poster based on careers in the food industry
• All curriculum for Personal Development are posted on the Oklahoma 4-H Literature Online website at : http :// 4h . okstate . edu / literature-links / lit-online / leadership-personal _ development / personal-development / personal-development-resources
• Picture Perfect YOUth curriculum and Leader Guide - This new curriculum provides specific lessons in each level of the curriculum ( beginner , intermediate and advanced ) with fair project instructions . On the table of contents of each project manual , lessons with fair projects are noted with a blue ribbon icon . The score sheet for evaluating fair projects are included in all manuals and leader guide .
• Heritage Scrapbook Classes – The Heritage Scrapbook project also has a new curriculum . It is posted on the link provided above . This manual provides specific activities for each age division ( beginner , intermediate , advanced ). Specific activities are required for each age division and other activities are optional . The Heritage Scrapbook should grow each year ! All instructions for completing the Heritage Scrapbook are provided in each activity in the Heritage Scrapbook manual . The score sheet for evaluating the Heritage Scrapbook is included in the manual and Picture Perfect YOUth Leader Guide .
• Scrapbooking Classes – The 4-H Scrapbooking project has a specific curriculum which teaches youth the basics of scrapbooking . The manual is posted on the website link above . Youth are encouraged to go through these six lessons before beginning a scrapbooking project . The score sheet for evaluating the Scrapbooking classes is provided in the 4-H Scrapbooking manual .
• Posters and educational displays should follow the guidelines on page 2 of the Oklahoma State Fair rulebook unless different instructions are provided in the project manual .


Beginner Level ( grades 3-5 ) 1 . My Short Term Goals Poster — Picture Perfect YOUth Beginner Manual : Let ’ s Take A Goal Setting Ride , page 7