Fair Guide - Pontotoc County 2021 - Page 47

4-H Division

4-H Youth Development Each exhibitor must be an enrolled member of a Pontotoc County 4-H Club . All Exhibitors must be 8 years old and in the 3rd -12th grade before September 1 of the current year . No 4-H member may enter the same exhibit in both the 4-H and Open classes . A 4-H member can enter only one exhibit per class . The 4-H member should enter the class that matches their age before September 1 of the current year . Each 4-H member must have produced or made their own exhibit in the current year ( September 20-August 21 ). Upon violation of this rule , ALL 4-H exhibits of this particular member will be disqualified and no premiums paid . Exhibits entered in previous fairs or “ updated ” items are not eligible unless guidelines for the class states otherwise . Exhibit ( s ) found in violation in Section 300-325 will be disqualified by the 4-H Educator and Fairboard and no premiums paid . All decisions are final .
• All exhibits should be permanently signed and dated in an inconspicuous location if material permits . Judges and / or educators may permanently mark exhibits with the year in an inconspicuous location .
• First place exhibits qualifying for the state fair cannot weigh more than 30 lbs . or be larger than 3ft . in height or length . Any exhibits larger will be the responsibility of the exhibitor to transport on state fair entry day if they choose to do so .
• 4-H exhibits are entered and displayed at the risk of the exhibitor . The 4-H program , in cooperation with the Fairboard , accepts exhibits and will exercise due care to protect them . However , neither the 4-H Program nor the Fairboard can accept responsibility for loss or damage to any exhibit due to the conditions imposed by large crowds , the arrangement of buildings in which exhibits are housed or large number of exhibits . Members who have exhibits of great sentimental and / or monetary value should carefully consider whether such exhibits should be exposed to the hazards of the Fair . COPY WRITTEN MATERIAL AND REFERENCING SOURCES All 4-H exhibits should be the original work of the 4-H member . When information is taken from books , publications , magazines or from the internet , it should be expressed in the 4-H members own words . The 4-H member must reference the source of the information by using an asterisk (*) or a number ( if more than one ) and name the actual source at the end or bottom of paper , poster or educational display following an asterisk or corresponding number in text .
• No copyrighted or trademark protected written or visual material ( pictures , photos , drawings , illustrations , etc .) should be used from books , magazines , publications , professional photographers , or from the internet without permission from the original creator . If 4-Her applies for and is granted permission to use a copyrighted or trademark protected item , a copy of the permission form or letter needs to be attached to the back of the exhibit and properly cited with an asterisk (*) or number . If an item ( picture , photo drawing , illustration , etc .) that is not protected is used its source must be cited and referenced by using an asterisk (*) or number and the source information placed at the end or bottom of paper , poster , or educational display , following an asterisk or corresponding number .• REQUIRED TRADEMARK DESIGNATION FOR USE OF 4-H CLOVER When using the official clover with H ’ s , the tail should curve to the right and the words 18 U . S . C . 707 must appear under the lower right leaflet , unless poster and clover are hand drawn . For more information on proper use of the 4-H clover please refer to http :// 4h . okstate . edu / educators / 4-h-name-and-emblem
CLOVERBUDS Youth ages 5-7 may enter in 4-H Cloverbuds . This is a non-competitive , pre-4-H program allowing children to discover 4-H , develop positive self-concept , social interactions , decision-making skills and have tons of fun . Exhibits can include 14x22 posters or any craft item made in the last year . All exhibits should be marked with name and age . Participation ribbons will be given for each exhibit . No premiums paid .
Premiums For All 4-H Sections : 1st - $ 3 ; 2nd - $ 2 ; 3rd - $ 1 ; 4th - $ 1 ; 5th - $ 1 SECTION 300 4-H POSTER ART
• Poster must be constructed on poster board 14 ” x 22 ” ( 1 / 2 of a poster board ). They may be horizontal or vertical . Poster may be produced by any medium — watercolor , ink , crayon , acrylic , charcoal , collage , computer , etc . — Posters must be flat . Do not use 3-dimensional pieces on posters . Posters will be judged on 1 ) educational idea portrayed , 2 ) public appeal , and 3 ) creative and original ability presented . Copyrighted or trademarked cartoon characters or other designs must not be used due to copyright restrictions .
• For display purposes , exhibitors are encouraged to laminate or cover all posters with clear plastic film . Posters must be signed and dated on the back in permanent marker before laminating . If not marked the judging committee may mark or punch . Text of posters should be readable from at least 10 ft . away