Fair Guide - Pontotoc County 2021 - Page 42

Open Class

Section 213 : FCCLA Premiums : 1st - $ 1.50 ; 2nd - $ 1 ; 3rd - . 50 1 . Jelly 2 . Preserves 3 . Salsa 4 . Quick Bread 5 . Yeast Bread 6 . Chocolate Chip Cookies 7 . No Bake Cookies 8 . Party Cookies 9 . Other Cookies 10 . Any Cake ( iced by not decorated ) 11 . Sewn Garment 12 . Sew – Non clothing item 13 . Recycled Item 14 . Item made from duct tape 15 . Quilt or Quilted item 16 . Poster ( any FCS subject ) 17 . FCCLA Notebook and display 18 . Career Portfolio or career investigation A . Grades 8 – 9 B . Grades 10 – 12 C . Job interview 10 – 12 19 . Chapter Scrapbook 20 . Other FCCLA Project including National Programs


4-H & FFA YOUTH DEPARTMENT General Superintendents : Extension Educators & Ag-Ed Instructors Rules & Regulations :
• Eligibility : This show is open to all 4-H and FFA members of Pontotoc County who meet age and membership guidelines established by the 4-H Clubs and FFA Chapters in Pontotoc County . Exhibitors who have graduated from High School prior to the current calendar year will not be eligible .
• Each junior exhibitor must be enrolled in each project or in a supervised farming program which he or she expects to exhibit in this department .
• Each junior exhibitor must have produced his own crop exhibit and must own and have daily care of any cattle , sheep , goats , swine , dairy , poultry or rabbits exhibited .


• Junior exhibitors may not enter the same exhibit in both the junior division and the open class .
• Junior exhibitors may exhibit only one exhibit in each class except livestock where each exhibitor may exhibit two entries in each class .
• Except for collections which are added to in successive years , no exhibit may be entered more than on time and exhibits must be made in the past year .
• All animals being exhibited at the Pontotoc County Fair are required to remain on the grounds until all entries have been released on Saturday by 11 a . m . or after their show has completed .
• If at any time the Fair Board deems temperature unsafe for the livestock , all animals will be released from the grounds .
• All Livestock will be exhibited in Big Red Barn
SHOW RING CODE OF ETHICS Any violation of the following rules will automatically result in disqualification .
• The use of any drug or chemical compound that is not approved by the Food and Drug Administration for use in meat animals is prohibited . The illegal administration of approved drugs and compounds is also prohibited . All animals entered in the show are subject to blood , urine and tissue test by the show , FDA and USDA for illegal substance and substances that exceed the acceptable levels established by the United States Department of Agriculture , the Food and Drug Administration , the Food Animal Residue Avoidance Databank and the Environment Protection Agency . A positive test will result in disqualification . The exhibitor shall assure full responsibility for any violation or regulations related to drugs and medications to include withdrawal times and the condemnation of carcasses due to drug rule / regulation violations . This includes forfeiture of all premiums and market values of the animal . All premiums will be withheld until tests have been completed .
• No hair coloring of any type will be allowed to be used on any exhibit above the flank of the animal . Added hair or other material , natural or man-made may not be used in the grooming of any entry . Any attempt to change the composition or appearance of any animal will result in disqualification . Grooming must be performed by the exhibitor , another exhibitor in the show , parent or legal guardian , or Ag Instructor ( Professional Grooming is prohibited ).
Section 107 : Junior Horses Superintendents : Bill Britt & Krista McGehee
The same horse may be shown in the open and junior show but not by the same exhibitor . Junior exhibitors may show in both the open and junior show but not with the same horse . No coaching of patterns from outside the ring . Awards will be given to overall High Point and Reserve High Point horse in each age division . Premiums : 1st - $ 10 ; 2nd- $ 6 ; 3rd - $ 4 NO WEANLINGS OR STALLIONS IN THE JUNIOR SHOW