Fair Guide - Pontotoc County 2020 - Page 12

Pontotoc County Free Fair Rules and Regulations The management of Pontotoc County Free Fair is the hands of the County Free Fair Board, which composed of nine elected members, tree from each County Commissioners district. The executive board consists of the President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, and one member appointed by the board. The executive board has the power to make decisions directly related to the function and operation of the free fair. The Pontotoc County Free Fair is financed by taxation. No admission charges will be made and no entry fee will be charged. The Pontotoc County Free Fair Association is organized under the County Free Fair Association Act of 1937. The Pontotoc County Fair Board is responsible for all premiums and awards listed in the Pontotoc County Fair Book. Any added awards or money not listed in the fair book are not governed by the Pontotoc County Fair Board. All property of every character entered at the fair for any purpose shall be subject to the control of the secretary or superintendent in charge. Separate exhibits must be provided for entry. All junior exhibitors will have the privilege of making entries of products or livestock produced by them in all open classes in addition to their entries in the junior division provided that separate exhibits are provided by each entry. Entry forms will be provided for listing all entries and exhibitors are required to see that their exhibits are properly listed on same. The superintendent of the livestock department will assign spaces and exhibitors will be expected to keep their space or stall in sanitary condition at all times during the fair. Any member of the fair association shall have access to all premises of any character of the fairgrounds or concessions at any time during the fair. The decision of the judge shall be final, and no appeal will be considered. The executive board reserves the final and absolute right to determine all questions regarding the eligibility of entries and the awarding premiums. No claim for injury to any person or property shall ever be asserted for suit instituted or maintained against the Free Fair Association, its officers or their agents, on behalf of any person, firm, corporation, or their agents, representatives, servants or employees, having a license or privilege to exhibit on the fairgrounds or to occupy space thereon. No premium will be awarded on articles not mentioned in the schedule of premiums. All premiums will be paid as soon as possible after the close of the fair. In paying premiums the evidence of award will be the superintendent book. All rules that are applicable shall be made a part of all contracts made with concessionaires. A superintendent will be appointed for each department, whose duty it shall be to receive the exhibits, properly classify and place them, and to assist the judges. All livestock entered in the fair must be in a healthy condition. If the premiums won at the fair exceed the amount set up in the budget, the fair board reserves the right to prorate the premium money to the winners. Premiums will not be paid on any exhibit removed from the fair prior to release date and hour of each department. Exhibits will receive awards and premiums according to the judge’s decisions of worthiness regardless of number of exhibits in a class. The owner of an open exhibit must be a resident of Pontotoc County or member in good standing of the Pontotoc County OHCE. The junior show is open to all 4-H and FFA members of Pontotoc County who meet age and membership guidelines established by the 4-H Clubs and FFA Chapters in Pontotoc County. Exhibits exhibited in the previous fairs or “updated” items are not eligible. Violations will be disqualified with no premiums paid. All decisions are final. All animals remain penned or tied in appointed stalls Friday from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. due to children’s day at the fair. All trailers must park in assigned area. 12