FACES - YWAM Singapore Issue.2018 - Page 6

T H E FAT H ER ’ S C ALL 1 0/4 0 WI N D OW he ‘10/40 Window’ was a missions strategy term coined by Luis Bush in 1989. It encompasses the countries between the tenth and fortieth degree north latitude in North Africa, Middle East and Asia: the most unevangelised and unreached areas in the world. Hence, for almost two decades, churches and missions agencies, globally, have responded to God’s call to this region. However, the 10/40 Window is not just an abstract missions strategy that categorises people into impersonal demographics or statistics. It is a window into the stories and lives of people who have the least access to the Gospel, and who struggle the hardest with material poverty and persecution. As we peer through this window, the urgency of the Father’s heart beats in ours: When will his lost c