FACES - YWAM Singapore Issue.2018 - Page 3

From the Editor ith arms wide open, in eager expectation, and fi lled with compassion… our God is a Father who longs for His children to return to Him. Through His beloved Son, Jesus, He has offered everyone a way home. In this edition of YWAM’s FACES Magazine, you will read stories of how God empowers His children to invite others into His family. Whether they work in ‘dangerous’ places, crowded city streets, remote villages, the heartlands or amongst the poor, His people are discovering that missions is a family affair. They create home by making others feel safe and accepted. They celebrate the dignity of each human life, and live in a way that declares, “Everyone is welcome!” In FACES 2018, we see glimpses of the big story God is writing in the world. There are no photos printed in this magazine. It is intentionally illustrated as a story book, to help us all envision our place in this beautiful story of homecoming. As you read this, may you hear Him whisper to you, “Will you call My loved ones home?” 1