FACES - YWAM Singapore Issue.2018 - Page 14

KN OW H O M E KN OW FA M I LY Loving the Broken On the Streets [Over the past decades, YWAM has revealed God’s compassionate heart through acts of mercy. In Singapore, we focus on serving those with immediate needs, such as the homeless uncles and aunties. Regina shares how a fresh revelation of God’s fatherly character transformed how the Trolley Ministry worked amongst the broken lives of Singapore’s destitute.] he work of justice and mercy confronts us with challenging, character-surfacing experiences. Through some hard knocks, we learned that our personal transformation and our “being” (not our “doing”) is the key to reaching out and touching the lives of our homeless friends. approval and acceptance. In receiving this, we can then value every individual likewise and put relationships before tasks. This act of embracing the world into the Kingdom family is how God brings restoration and healing to the broken. Family is the fi rst church. It is strange how being in ministry can make it diffi cult to rest in God’s complete acceptance of us as His children. Many of us place our trust in our performance, deeds, doing events, or even our passion for social justice and good causes. But that is not how our Father relates to us. Our team spent six months working on ourselves before going back to engage with the homeless on the streets. We had to function as a family fi rst and not fall into a performance of ministry. Trust us, it is easier to visit the streets fervently every night than to spend hours working through our disagreements, listening to our hurts and correcting our bad attitudes with each other! But that is what family is: a safe place of peace and refuge for us to grow in relationships. God had to remind us of the most basic thing: Being in right familial relationship with God is to fully rest in His unconditional 12